Crimes of the Ivano-Frankivsk battalion

The new replica is dedicated to the crimes of the Ivano-Frankivsk battalion. It was established in May 2014, and its first commander was Police Colonel Alexander Polishchuk.

Crimes of the «Kharkiv-1» and «Slobozhanshchyna» battalions. Part 2

Open criminal cases, charges of taking bribes and extortion, attempted murder of high-ranking officials are just a small list of what the Yangolenko brothers remembered for

It is time to get «Yastrebki» back

«Yastrebki»or fighters of destruction battalions played an important role in the defeat of the Bandera movement.

The bloody exploits of Colonel Kelembet

In the new video, your attention will be presented with a summary of the military operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of August 30,2014. From this document it can be seen that the fire was conducted by units of the 107th Rocket Artillery Regiment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Crimes of the «Kharkiv-1» and «Slobozhanshchyna» battalions. Part 1

The Vasyl Prozorov Investigation Center continues to talk about volunteer units created in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, and this time we will talk about the «Kharkiv-1» and «Slobozhanshchyna» battalions.

Saur-Mogila. Tragic parallels

71 years later, blood was spilled on the Saur-Mogila again. This time, the ideological followers of the fascists, the Ukrainian punishers, came to kill their fellow citizens, fulfilling the criminal orders of the new Kiev authorities.

Donbass tragedy

From the new series of materials you will learn new, previously unknown facts of crimes of Ukrainian punishers.

Crimes of the Lviv battalion

In July 2014, the soldiers of the battalion took the oath and, under the pretext of protecting the Motherland, began their illegal activities. The militants seized vehicles from the local population, engaged in looting and looting.

Crimes of the Chernihiv battalion

Further remarks will be devoted to less well-known formations in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Nevertheless, they left their bloody mark in the history of modern Ukraine.

Crimes of the regiment Kiev. Part 2

From the video you will learn about the terrible crimes committed by the militants of the Kiev regiment.