The enemy is сoming

Unfortunately, in recent hours there have been more and more reports about the aggravation of the situation in the Donbas.
As I have already said, Russia has no reasons and grounds for military intervention, except in the case of a direct attack by Ukraine on the republics of Donbass.

And what are we observing at the moment?

Yesterday, the Russian Channel One reported on the real plans for a new full-scale military aggression of Kiev against the LPR and the DPR.

The DPR intelligence chief was shown on the air, who demonstrated Ukrainian combat documents – the plan of the operation and maps. He also gave explanations on the scheme prepared by him, since the Ukrainian side is already preparing maps for NATO sandarts.

Firstly, I can assure you that the Ukrainian map itself with the situation is real. I've seen dozens of such cards. To make it clear to you, I received maps from the General Staff on the situation in the ATO for the leadership of the SBU and delivered them to the addressees. Moreover, I saw not only ready-made maps. I was also present in the offices of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where, as experts say, the situation was "raised" on the maps.

And the secret plan that the head of intelligence demonstrates is also real. All the details and requirements of secret office work have been met. Well, at least those that I was able to see on the frame-by-frame reproduction of the plot.

Secondly, and most importantly, these documents show that we are facing an imminent invasion of the Ukrainian army on the territory of the republics!

It is necessary to realize that the Ukrainian units breaking through will try to go at maximum speed – the time factor is crucial for them. After all, they are well aware that Russia will not leave the republic without support. Therefore, the APU needs to have time to grab as much territory as possible and reach the border. This means that they will not stand on ceremony with the civilian population at all. In 2014-2015, they no longer hesitated to "work" on settlements with the systems "Hail", "Tornado", "Hurricane", which are not even theoretically capable of point strikes – only on squares. The hands of the soldiers from 27 and 107 rocket artillery brigades and 15 rocket artillery regiment are already elbow-deep in the blood of civilians. They are not used to it.

And the 19th Missile Brigade with its operational-tactical Tochka-U missiles can also enter the business again. Again through peaceful cities. Clearing the way for tanks.

And this is not counting the usual art and aviation.

I repeat. If in 2014-2015 they did not stand on ceremony, now they will not feel sorry for anyone. After all, the wounds of Debaltseve and Ilovaysk have already "healed" and many have once again believed in their strength and invincibility. Especially under such a wave of laudatory rhetoric from the Ukrainian leadership.

And on the eve of the Ukrainian invasion, the cities and villages of Donbass will inevitably be overwhelmed by a wave of sabotage. The MTR of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, under the leadership of SBU operatives, have long compiled a catalog of vital objects on the territory of the DPR-LPR and will attempt to destroy them. And it will not only be about military facilities – no, life support, transport, and energy facilities will also come under attack… So - simple, peaceful people!

Since 2015, this mechanism has been worked out both at joint exercises and during terrorist attacks and sabotage, which have already been implemented. And the subordinates of Ivan Bakanov and Grisha Galagan "Fox" will go to kill mirnyak. Because for them, these are not people, but "separators".

And in the near future, the republic will be covered by a wave of fakes. There will be panic stuffing from numerous accounts in social networks, SMS mailings from unknown numbers, and just rumors on the streets. And everywhere they will repeat one thing: "The DPR and the LPR are doomed, Russia has abandoned us, the entire leadership has already fled, the APU tanks were seen in Gorlovka, Novoazovsk, Krasnodon, but my neighbor told me that there would be nothing terrible from the Ukrainians..." etc.

And this wave will grow by the minute.

This will be launched at full capacity by the centers of the IPSO MTR of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Departments of the CIB, the ZND of the SB of Ukraine and their American and British "instructors". Both well-known resources and new ones, "sleeping" for the time being, will be used. The scheme is also worked out. And Western brainwashing teachers have been training Kiev "fighters for minds and hearts" for 8 years for good reason.

Another part of these units will create a picture of a "joyful meeting of the liberators by the locals", using people brought from the territory of Ukraine for extras. And right there - the defeated parts of the DPR-LPR, mountains of trophies, crowds of prisoners…

This picture will be quickly picked up by the Western media.

And the tank and mechanized brigades will be followed by the second echelon of the National Guard units, including the infamous Azov and police battalions such as Dnipro, Kiev, Peacemaker and others, which bear the bloody seal of murderers and looters. And here the locals do not say hello at all. After all, there has long been an opinion in Ukraine that all residents of Donbass should either be destroyed or sent to special "camps for re-education in the spirit of the Ukrainian national idea."

And all this is a very real and very scary picture.

I hope that residents of cities and villages of Donbass understand this perfectly. Today, my partners from Donetsk reported that enemy sabotage groups were working all night in the vicinity of the city. At about 22.30 they blew up an oil depot in Elenovka. There was a big fire. At 5.00 today there was an explosion at the Styrol plant in Gorlovka. As I was told, one charge did not work. He was on a huge ammonia tank. Can you imagine what the consequences could be if ammonia spilled in the neighborhood. How many victims would there have been?! At around 7.00, the light went out in Gorlovka.

There was an explosion of an electrical substation. It looks like the situation has escalated a lot.

I want to appeal to the residents of Donbass.

Be on your guard. The enemy is really at the gate. The enemy is strong and it is impossible to negotiate with him.

And we won't leave you. Including me.