Officials of one of the enterprises of Ukrainian Ministry of Defense organized a corruption scheme

Local officials rented out storage facilities at a significantly reduced cost.

Ukrainian Army fighters tried to sell weapons from the unit

Military personnel of one of the Ukrainian units in the Donbass attempted to sell unaccounted firearms

In the Parliament, 67 millionaires - "Servants of the People" receive compensation for renting housing in Kiev

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine said that 81 people's deputies, who have more than a million hryvnia in their accounts, receive budget compensation for renting an apartment or a hotel room.

The US refused to provide the court with satellite images

The US authorities did not respond to a request for legal assistance requesting satellite images confirming the launch of the missile from the Buk air defense system.

The court arrested the property of the MP who did not pay almost 100 million UAH of taxes

The MP did not register as a business entity in 2012

In the UN, the closure of the channels "112 Ukraine", NewsOne and ZiK was recognized as contrary to human rights

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights called the decision of Ukrainian President to close the TV channels 112 Ukraine, NewsOne and ZiK contrary to international human rights standards.

Sternenko and freedom

The Odessa Court of Appeal has replaced the sentence of seven years in prison for radical Sergei Sternenko in the case of the abduction and torture in 2015

Ex - head of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine will be tried for crimes against justice

The court sent an indictment against the former Head of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine Alexander Tupitsky

Ukraine was not invited to the NATO summit

The provision of a MAP for Ukraine is also not on the agenda of the summit.

A record batch of weapons was arrested at the Romanian-Ukrainian border

A truck containing 143 boxes of weapons was stopped at a Romanian border crossing point with Ukraine.