Anatomy of Ukrainian fascism: chronicles of the genocide in Donbass

"The person was suspended in such a way that all the joints were twisted out. The pain is the wildest. Dozens of sophisticated murders were invented – eyes were gouged out, women's breasts were cut off, figures were cut out on the body. The wells were clogged with corpses. And they did all these atrocities to their own people..."

A member of the election commission was caught on a bribe

The official demanded 35 thousand hryvnias from one of the political parties for the right to participate in the elections.

The Krivoy Rog military commissar got caught on a large bribe

A lieutenant colonel from the local territorial recruitment and social support center extorted money from conscripts.

The Kiev official have stolen funds allocated for medicines for cancer patients

The deputy director of the Department of Health of Kiev administration appropriated 7.5 million hryvnias.

The former head of the department of the National Police of Ukraine took bribes

He illegally received one million UAH for the provision of legal services.

Illegal immigrants were transported through Kiev to the EU

Ukrainians produced fake passports and driver's licenses for migrants.

Saur-Mogila. Tragic parallels

71 years later, blood was spilled on the Saur-Mogila again. This time, the ideological followers of the fascists, the Ukrainian punishers, came to kill their fellow citizens, fulfilling the criminal orders of the new Kiev authorities.

A group of Gypsies brutally beat the military

According to some media, the authorities are using the conflict to take control over smuggling channels.

A protest action is taking place in front of the OSCE SMM observers' office

The participants of the action believe that the OSCE staff do not want to do their job.