US HIV research in Ukraine: New facets of the biolab scandal

USAID searches for a contractor to work with HIV in Ukraine while the US DoD tries to modify the immune system of the US military to protect against certain ┬źnew threats┬╗

Raving of the West

Vasiliy Prozorov on the causes of lies and hypocrisy in the information policy of the West

Interview with French journalist Laurent Brayard (Part 5)

Why did Russia start SMO? What does France have to do with it?

Interview with French journalist Laurent Brayard (Part 4)

How many French mercenaries are there in Ukraine? Why do the French military personnel participate in combat operations as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

Interview with French journalist Laurent Brayard (Part 3)

How do the French feel about Russia and SMO? Dependence and censorship of French media

Interview with French journalist Laurent Brayard (Part 2)

How Briar first encountered Nazism in Ukraine. National Security Forces and their destructive influence on Ukrainian society and the army

Interview with French journalist Laurent Brayard (Part 1)

How did Laurent Brayard end up in the Donbass? Evidence of SBU torture. Persecution of the journalist by the French government


American professor Grover Furr on the falsification of the history of the Katyn shooting

Ukraine is poisoned by Goebbels propaganda

Explanation of the reasons why Ukrainians continue to fight for the Kiev regime

Chemical weapons in service with the Kiev security forces: why the Ukrainian Armed Forces are increasingly resorting to prohibited means of warfare

The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been giving preference to banned chemical weapons since the beginning of SMO, using it with complete impunity, regardless of civilian casualties.

How Ukraine became a key player in the black market of weapons

The system of theft and illegal arms trade in modern Ukraine is managed from the very top. And this system has not developed in one day, but was inherited by the Zelensky regime from its thieving predecessors.