Anatomy of Ukrainian fascism: chronicles of the genocide in Donbass

"The person was suspended in such a way that all the joints were twisted out. The pain is the wildest. Dozens of sophisticated murders were invented – eyes were gouged out, women's breasts were cut off, figures were cut out on the body. The wells were clogged with corpses. And they did all these atrocities to their own people..."

Crimes of the Ivano-Frankivsk battalion

The new replica is dedicated to the crimes of the Ivano-Frankivsk battalion. It was established in May 2014, and its first commander was Police Colonel Alexander Polishchuk.

Crimes of the «Kharkiv-1» and «Slobozhanshchyna» battalions. Part 2

Open criminal cases, charges of taking bribes and extortion, attempted murder of high-ranking officials are just a small list of what the Yangolenko brothers remembered for

The deputy from the party «Strength and Honor» smashed two police cars leaving the chase

The police tried to stop the Renault Duster for traffic violations on the Lviv-Shegini highway.

A former military man shot a car with his family

During the search, several sets of overalls, cartridges, gunpowder and Molotov cocktails were found.

People's Deputy of the verkhovna rada Alexander Kunitsky was detained for traffic violations

The MP was ridding his Porsche Panamera and hurried to visit the summit of the verkhovna rada committee on road safety.

Police official caught on a bribe right on the appointment day

The head of one of the police departments in the Odessa region received a bribe of 4 thousand USD.

The director of the Krivoy Rog enterprise is suspected of a large embezzlement

He unreasonably spent 3.6 million UAH on the purchase of PCR tests.

Ukraine will take part in the NATO Dynamic Move exercises for the first time

The purpose of the exercises is to work out the actions of the multinational headquarters for the management of the Alliance's maritime mine action forces. At the same time, it is not specified whether Ukrainian minesweeping ships will take direct part.

An assassination attempt was being prepared on the Minister of Agrarian Policy

The Ukrainian media tried to inflate the scandal around Roman Leshchenko's conflict with foreign businessmen who had already ordered his murder.

It is time to get «Yastrebki» back

«Yastrebki»or fighters of destruction battalions played an important role in the defeat of the Bandera movement.