Information and psychological operations (InfoPsyOps) of the special services of Ukraine are carried out amid civil war conducted by Kiev against the unrecognized people's republics – the DPR and LPR. To hide this shameful phenomenon from the world public, the Ukrainian authorities camouflage the concept of civil war, calling it either an anti-terrorist operation or an operation of the United forces.

Crimes of the Ukrainian Security Forces against civilians and foreigners #15

New video is about the crimes of the Kiev regime against its own people. It will show specific facts of looting and other crimes committed by Ukrainian military personnel.

The case of bribery of ex-officials was sent to the court

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau has completed an investigation into extortion of bribes by the former head of the Department of access to public information of the office of the President Svetlana Kondzeli and former Deputy Minister of culture Victoria Lesnichnaya.

Weapons and explosives were found in the building of Academy

Law enforcement officers found in the Pechersk district of the capital a cache with a large number of weapons, ammunition and explosives in the building of the Presidium of the National Academy of agrarian Sciences.

MH17. New satellite images #14

The US leadership stated that it has satellite images that confirm the involvement of the Russian Buk in the tragedy. So why is the American side hiding irrefutable evidence?

Zelensky asks the Venice Commission to evaluate the decision of the constitutional court

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky asked the Venice Commission to assess the situation caused by the decision of the constitutional court of October 27

Netherlands refused to consider alternative versions of the MH17 crash

The Hague district court rejected the defense's request for additional time to study alternative versions of the MH17 crash.

Former Deputy head of the SBU may be involved in criminal investigations

According to the publication the State Bureau of Investigation is preparing to open a number of criminal cases against former first Deputy Head of the SBU Yuri Artyukhov.

In Uzhgorod, fraud is planned when counting votes.

The current mayor of Uzhgorod, Bogdan Andreev, through the court, obtained the cancellation of the registration of half of the election observers

Two members from "European solidarity" expelled after they drove into the entrance of the jeep

In the Lviv region two deputies from the party of "European solidarity" was stripped of party membership for the offense.

A protest was held near the Feofania hospital

On the anniversary of the revolution of dignity, a protest was held under the Feofania hospital.