Who delivered the poison for the «first lady» of the GUR?

My sources in the Office of the President of Ukraine report that a person within the GUR itself, who acted in the interests of the SBU, was involved in the poisoning.

Queen of a besieged fortress. Or where did the first lady of Ukraine Elena Zelenskaya get millions of dollars?

How the first lady of Ukraine enriched herself, and what scandals she got into during her stay “in position”

Zaluzhny declared a «war of compromising materials» to Budanov

The conflict between the Commander–in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny and the head of the Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR) Kirill Budanov for political influence on President Zelensky.


Under the guise of surrogacy, Kiev organized a black market for the export of babies to almost all Western countries where this procedure is prohibited.

Chemical weapons in service with the Kiev security forces: why the Ukrainian Armed Forces are increasingly resorting to prohibited means of warfare

The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been giving preference to banned chemical weapons since the beginning of SMO, using it with complete impunity, regardless of civilian casualties.

How Ukraine became a key player in the black market of weapons

The system of theft and illegal arms trade in modern Ukraine is managed from the very top. And this system has not developed in one day, but was inherited by the Zelensky regime from its thieving predecessors.

Corruption in Ukraine during the war: the main schemes and techniques for enriching officials

In the conditions of hostilities, Ukrainian high-ranking officials and influential businessmen, with the unspoken blessing of President Zelensky's office, successfully implemented a number of new mechanisms for personal enrichment.


In the Baltic countries, the Soviet past is described only in black colors. There is an unprecedented level of anti-Russian propaganda in all spheres, one of the facets of which is the distortion of history.

Fed up! About Baltic people’s fatigue from Ukrainians

Ukrainian propaganda has been telling for almost a year that refugees are welcomed with open arms in Europe and Ukrainians are waiting for manna from heaven in these countries. And how is it in reality?


A documentary film-investigation about the destruction of its cultural heritage by the Kyiv regime