Another failure of Ukrainian propagandists

I noticed messages about the revelation of Kiev’s plans to discredit the Russian Army.

This time, Ukro-propagandists wanted to "congratulate" the Special Operations Forces (SOF) of the RF Army on the anniversary of their creation. An operation “Predator” was developed to demonize the Russian military.

It was planned to film fake videos about the allegedly intentional destruction of civilians by Russian SOF.

To further confirm these “facts,” CIPsO (the Ukrainian PsyOps) intended to find the allegedly injured citizens of Ukraine and, of course, children who would confirm the “cruelty and atrocities” of the Russians.

The CIPsO specialists planned to organize a press tour of foreign journalists to the “crime scenes” of the RF army's alleged crimes.

As practice shows, official Kiev is trying to disguise the failures of the AFU at the front with dirty provocations.

See my detailed comment in the video.