Crimes of the regiment Kiev. Part 2

The special purpose patrol police regiment "Kiev" was formed from four battalions. The units "Kiev-1" and "Kiev-2" were described in the first part of the replica. In this video, we will talk about the history of the other two - "Golden Gate" and "Sich".

It is worth noting that the backbone of the Sich battalion was made up of members of the Svoboda political party, and one of its activists was Igor Gumenyuk. It was he who on August 31, 2015 threw a grenade at law enforcement officers who were on duty near the building of the Verkhovna Rada. As a result of the explosion, 4 soldiers of the National Guard were killed, dozens of people were injured. The replica contains a number of documents on this occasion.

In addition, from the video you will learn about other terrible crimes committed by the militants of the Kiev regiment.


In the last video, I started talking about the units that became part of the regiment. You have learned about the exploits of the soldiers of the battalions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "Kiev-1" (now the 1st company of the regiment), the battalion "Kiev-2" (now the 2nd company of the regiment).

The next battalion that became part of the regiment is the Golden Gate. It was formed on May 2, 2014 in the GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kiev. The battalion was formed from among the former Maidan activists, Mykola Shvalya became the first commander. By the way, Mikhail Gavrilyuk, a well-known activist of the Maidan "Kozak", was also part of the battalion for some time. However, he was engaged in logistics support and did not take part in hostilities.

Since August 2014, the battalion has participated in combat operations in the ATO. The main actions of the battalion were carried out in the Luhansk region, including in the area of Lutugino, Lugansk airport. After the offensive of the militia forces, the battalion retreated to the area of Novoaydar settlement in early September 2014. I would like to note that on August 17, in the area of the settlement of Happiness, as a result of falling under mortar fire, several soldiers of the battalion were wounded, including the battalion commander Nikolai Shvalya was seriously injured.

In the future, the battalion continued to work in the Luhansk region, including at checkpoints in the area of the so-called Bakhmut highway. By the way, in February 2015, I had to spend a day at one such checkpoint in the area of Novotoshkovskoye settlement, which was just occupied by soldiers of the Golden Gate and Kiev-2 battalions.

In general, the Golden Gate is also a classic example of a dobrobat at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

And finally, the last battalion, which later became a company of the Kiev regiment - the Sich battalion.

The battalion was established in June 2014. A distinctive feature of it was that the backbone of the unit was made up of members of the political party" Freedom " of Andrei Tyahnybok, most of them were participants of the Maidan. The first commander was Alexander Pisarenko.

At the end of August 2014, the first 50 people of the battalion went to the area of the ATO. From that moment on, the battalion periodically took part in combat operations, mainly in the Kurakhovo-Avdiivka area. Officially, the battalion has lost 9 of its fighters for the entire time.

Resonant for the Sich battalion on August 31, 2015. Then, during the clashes near the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev, a soldier of the battalion Igor Gumenyuk threw a hand grenade into the ranks of law enforcement officers standing in a cordon near the parliament. The explosion killed 4 soldiers of the National Guard, several more were injured. I would like to note that Igor Gumenyuk was an active fighter of the battalion, moreover, at that time he arrived on a short vacation from the ATO zone. By the way, no sanctions were adopted against the Svoboda party, of which Gumenyuk was an activist.

I was just an observer from the ATC under the Verkhovna Rada on this day and all this happened before my eyes. The grenade exploded right in a tight box of National Guard soldiers, who, by the way,were conscripts.

There were several dozen wounded. The platform in front of the Verkhovna Rada was covered with blood. It was as a result of the resonance at the Headquarters of the ATC that I had to compile a lot of documents about this incident, some of which I present to you.

But I will return to the "Kiev"regiment itself.

As I have already said, it was created in October 2015 by merging four police battalions.

After the creation of the police regiment, its fighters continued to be regularly noted in the criminal chronicle.

So, its fighters are regularly detained for the export of weapons from the ATO zone. The militants of the regiment were repeatedly detained for committing serious crimes.

For example, in the winter of 2017, a wild crime occurred in the village of Gorenka near Kiev. Three men broke into the house and beat the 46-year-old head of the family, his wife and 13-year-old son with bats. As a result, the man died, and his wife and son were seriously injured. The attack was carried out by the militants of the Kiev regiment, among whom, by the way, there was also one policewoman.

The soldiers of the "Kiev" regiment, as well as the "Mirotvoretz" regiment (which I told about earlier)were noted and in the incident known as the "Knyazhichi massacre". I will not dwell on this incident in detail, I will only note that during a shootout between different police units, 6 employees were killed and 8 were injured.

Among the crimes there were also curious cases. For example, in June 2016, three soldiers of the regiment, while serving on the protection of the Solomensky district Court of Kiev, while intoxicated, stole the personal belongings of the chairman of the court, including his laptop. Comments are unnecessary.

In addition, the militants of the regiment were involved in carrying out events in the area of the so-called "Burshtinova republic". In addition to countering the illegal extraction of amber, the militants protected such activities and carried out the delivery of amber to Kiev under their cover.

Among the interesting facts, I note that the press officer of the regiment for some time was Amina Okuyeva, a well-known Maidan activist, a fierce Russophobe.

In general, it is worth noting that the Kiev police regiment is a classic unit formed from volunteers, primarily from among Maidan activists and supporters of radical organizations.

Like any unit formed from volunteers, the regiment is a punitive detachment that performed the main task of the Kiev authorities – to suppress pro-Russian sentiments in the east of Ukraine with fire and sword. At the same time, the regiment is the personal guard of the former Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Avakov in Kiev, in connection with which it is involved in various dark cases of Avakov himself.

Every soldier of such units is guilty of crimes against humanity by the very fact of serving in such a unit.

Stay tuned. I will continue the story about the crimes of the volunteer units of the Kiev authorities.


Arsen Avakov;

Amina Okueva;

Andrey Tyagniboka;

Alexander Pisarenko;

Igor Gumenyuk


Regiment "Kiev"

The Golden Gate Battalion

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