Crimes of the Azov battalion. Part III

Today we conclude our story about the crimes of the volunteer battalion, and later the regiment "Azov". On the hands of every soldier of this unit - the blood of innocent citizens of Ukraine. However, they did not receive the punishment they deserved!

In the new video:

- the Nazi ideology of the battalion;
- foreign mercenaries in the  "Azov";
- hostage-taking, torture, abuse of civilians.

We emphasize that "Azov" has long turned into a pocket army of Arsen Avakov. It was thanks to him that the battalion was reformed into a regiment, received artillery, tanks, and is better supplied than all the units in the National Guard. That is why Avakov systematically rejects all accusations of neo-Nazism in the ranks of the battalion. That is why Avakov promotes people from "Azov" to the ranks of law enforcement agencies.

It's so convenient to have your own army.

Transcript of the video:

Good afternoon.

Today we will again talk about the crimes of the so-called. dobrobats. But before I continue my story about the crimes of the Azov regiment, I will allow myself a small digression. The topic of volunteer battalions caused a significant resonance.

A lot of people write to me. And they often make a remark - they say I am not telling anything new. Everything I'm talking about is known for a long time. And they ask to give new, previously unknown details of criminal activity.

I want to clarify the situation. Dobrobats have committed, and continue to commit a lot of crimes. There is no time to tell about each specific fact. At the very beginning, I said that my remarks are a kind of anthology, an attempt to summarize information about the criminal activities of these units. And as an example of such activity, I cite only the most striking, most characteristic facts. The complete list of the crimes of the virtuous, I think, in the end, will be established by a special tribunal.

In the meantime, we continue.

So, the Azov regiment. Talking about this unit, it is simply impossible not to dwell on the ideology followed by many of the unit's militants and their supporters. Namely - the superiority of the white race and outright Nazism. From the very beginning, the unit included many supporters of the Social-National Assembly of Ukraine, professing frankly Nazi views.

In the future, they were joined by many followers of Nazism from all over the world. Nazi ideology manifested itself even in the regiment's emblem.

The icon in the foreground of the coat of arms of “Azov” is nothing more than the rune "Wolfsangel" (German: Wolfsangel, pagan amulet "wolf hook").

This sign was once used in the divisional symbols of some Waffen SS units, such as the Das Reich Division.

In the background is the symbol "Black Sun" (Schwarze Sonne), the occult emblem of the Third Reich, one of the most favorite symbols of the Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler.

I'll tell you from personal experience. During my contacts with the representatives of the regiment, I personally saw both the double lightning bolts on the helmets and the swastika. I saw how the militants zig-zag and greet each other. I met the vehicles of the civilians of Mariupol, on which, after their detention, the "Azovites" scratched out Nazi symbols and mottos. This is not all fiction.

And photos of the battalion and regiment fighters with Nazi symbols are widely distributed on the Internet.

Back in 2015, the USA Today publishing house conducted its own investigation, in which it directly reported that outspoken followers of Nazism are fighting in the ranks of "Azov", from which the civilian population suffers.

Information about the Nazi ideology of "Azov" has spread far beyond the borders of Ukraine.
On June 10, 2015, the U.S. House of Representatives passed an amendment prohibiting the use of U.S. Department of Defense funds to " provide weapons, training, or other support to the Azov battalion."

Explaining their amendment, the US lawmakers said that "Azov" is a neo-Nazi, fascist, racist and anti-Semitic unit and noted that after the end of hostilities, such organizations will pose a significant threat to the Ukrainian government and people.

Moreover, over time, the Nazi views of the militants of "Azov" began to spread widely around the world, turning "Azov" into a kind of training center for neo-Nazis from all over the world.

This has been repeatedly discussed by the British media, Brazilian and German.

The regiment of the Ukrainian National Guard, which gathered in its ranks about two thousand right-wing radicals and gave them weapons up to tanks and artillery, is already considered by foreign neo-Nazis as an object for imitation.

And there were a lot of such foreign fighters. I personally saw Swedish citizens, including the well-known Michael Skilt, a sniper and supporter of neo-Nazi views,as well as citizens of Italy and Belarus.

In addition to supporters of the ideas of neo-Nazism, a significant number of foreign mercenaries worked in "Azov" as instructors, especially at the initial stage of formation. The militants were trained by specialists from Georgia, Poland, the Baltic States, and Canada.

By the way, regarding the conversation about foreign mercenaries in the ranks of "Azov", I want to offer you an interesting document from my archive.

The Security Service of Ukraine was contacted by the Italian intelligence service, which tried to find its citizen, who went to fight as part of the "Azov" and went missing? Why do you think the fate of an Italian citizen was puzzled by the intelligence service, and not the police, the prosecutor's office or the embassy?

The question is rhetorical, and I just wanted to demonstrate the fact that there are mercenaries from all over the world in the ranks of "Azov".

Naturally, the followers of the Nazi ideology transferred their views to the attitude towards the civilian population of Donbass. The most common crimes committed by the punishers from "Azov" were - hostage-taking, torture, abuse of civilians, rape, murder and extortion. The militants also terrorized citizens living in the so-called anti-terrorist operation zone, suspected of sympathizing with the DPR.

The simplest search in the register of court decisions of Ukraine for the word "Azov battalion" gives dozens of messages. The soldiers of the regiment committed a lot of crimes.

During 2014 – 2016, the Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk regions were overwhelmed by a wave of armed robberies and robberies. Moreover, the criminals did not hesitate to use firearms and grenades.

For example, on April 29, 2016, unknown persons robbed a bank branch in the Shevchenko district of Zaporozhye, and when they were chased by police officers, they threw a grenade at them. At the same time, two police officers were injured, and the criminals fled.

Criminals were registered in more than a dozen daring crimes in Melitopol, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye.

As a result, on July 15, 2016, law enforcement agencies managed to stop the activities of bandits when they tried to attack a collection van on one of the roads in the Zaporozhye region. Moreover, the bandits were going to stop the minibus with a grenade launcher, and they themselves were armed with machine guns and a sniper rifle.

During the actual battle, one attacker was killed, three were detained, and two more managed to escape. What was the surprise of the security forces when it turned out that all those detained and killed had certificates of National Guard servicemen and soldiers of the Azov regiment.

After the arrest, the leadership of "Azov", the NSU and even Arsen Avakov personally hindered the investigation in every possible way. It came to the point that the regiment "Azov" fully armed met the operational and investigative group of law enforcement officers, who came to conduct a search at the place of service of criminals. And Avakov's adviser Anton Gerashchenko, not being shy of those present, shouted at the head of the Zaporozhye police Ivan Pazinich: "Do you know who you killed? It was Avakov's favorite!" He was talking about the fighter of "Azov" Yuri Vishnevetsky, who was killed during the detention, the call sign "Slavyanin".

And this is not the only such high-profile case in the track record of this volunteer unit.

And if you think that, while at the front, the militants adhered to the charter and orders of the ATO command – you are mistaken.

Here's another example.

By the May holidays of 2017, a truce was declared on the line of contact. However, on May 9 and 10, the Ukrainian side launched several artillery strikes on the settlement of Bezimennoye on the territory of the DPR. The shells landed in the center of the village, just in the area of the monument to those who died in the Great Patriotic War, three local residents were injured.

The Ukrainian side immediately stated that all this was a fake on the part of the DPR militia. But…
The documents available to me clearly indicate that on May 9 and 10, 2017, it was the gunners of the Azov regiment who arbitrarily, without informing anyone, struck at the specified peaceful settlement.

The motive for such an attack was, as the militants later explained, a desire to " congratulate the separatists on the holiday."

And then more. When the Ukrainian security forces tried to detain the gunners and send them to the headquarters of the sector " M "for trial, they were repulsed by the"twin brothers".
As it was written in the official investigation report:

"...The chief of intelligence of the OTG "Mariupol" and the deputy commander for counter-sabotage struggle held talks with the servicemen of the NGO SpN "Azov" and offered to go to the headquarters of the OTG "Mariupol".

Driving along Pobedy Avenue [in the original – Peremogi Avenue], near the base camp of the OO SpN "Azov", one of the Mitsubishi L-200 cars blocked the escort group, the soldiers of the oo SpN" Azov "got out of the car, pointed their weapons at the escort group and loaded the weapons. At the same time, a metal gate opened on the right, which led to the territory of the base camp of the NGO SPN "Azov". From the location of the detachment, a group of 5-6 people with weapons also aimed at the escort group left, after which, a truck with a BS-3 gun, a Mitsubishi L-200 car drove into the territory of the base camp of the OO SpN "Azov".

In the future, all the soldiers of the NGO SpN "Azov" switched the weapon to the safety lock.»

Such "interesting" things were done by the battalion, and later the regiment "Azov". Do you wonder what measures were taken as a result of such war crimes?

No. But this is not 2014-2015, when anarchy flourished in the ATO area. No, it was 2017, when the situation had more or less stabilized.

But no measures were applied to the regiment.

And this is explained simply – "Azov" has long turned into a personal, you can say pocket, army of Arsen Avakov. It was thanks to him that the battalion turned into a regiment, received artillery, tanks, and is better supplied than all the units in the National Guard. That is why Avakov systematically rejects all accusations of neo-Nazism in the ranks of the battalion. That is why Avakov promotes people from "Azov" to the ranks of law enforcement agencies, for example, the former deputy. Vadim Troyan has been Deputy Chief of the National Police of Ukraine since 2016.

And I do not touch on the activities of such subsidiaries of the Azov regiment as the National Corps, National Squads, which are actively used by the authorities and Avakov to put pressure on political competitors, raider seizures, becoming a real power lever of pressure in solving any issues.

It's so convenient to have your own army.

Here, very briefly, is the story of this odious volunteer unit.

The blood of innocent citizens of Ukraine, and not only the residents of Donbass, is on the hands of any Azov militant without exception. At the same time, the highly publicized combat value of the unit and the combat path glorified in quotation marks is very doubtful.

We will continue our story about other dobrobats.