Interview with the French "Les Crises". Part 6

In this part of the interview, we discussed:
- Whether criminal proceedings against Burisma? Confirmation of the former Prosecutor General Lutsenko.
- Why Biden didn't demand Lutsenko's resignation.
- The US Ambassador in Kiev works for the Democrats.
- Zlochevsky saved the company Burisma thanks to the Democratic party of the United States.


- Viktor Shokin actually investigated the case against Burizma, and why does Kasko say that the case was closed, that it was dropped?

- You see, now you can say whatever you want in defense of Mr. Biden, but the fact remains that there were criminal cases against Burizma and they were stopped after the intervention of Joe Biden and the resignation of Viktor Shokin. By the way, indirectly all these issues with Joe Biden were also confirmed by the former Attorney General Yuri Lutsenko. He recently gave an interview to Ukrainska Pravda, in which he highlighted this situation in detail, telling how they discussed it with Donald Trump's representative Giuliani, and in the light of these statements by Lutsenko, it would not be true to say that these cases did not move and were are not needed. Moreover, Yuriy Lutsenko pointed out that after one of these cases they managed to return very significant sums to the state budget. If the cases were wrong, this would not have happened.

- About Kasko, why does he say that?

- Again, cui prodest, who benefits. He probably protects those people who stand behind him.

- Why didn't Biden demand the resignation of Lutsenko, who was also a well-known corrupt official and a more problematic one?

- Perhaps Joe Biden at that time no longer had such an influence, or perhaps Lutsenko was more controllable by the Americans. It is difficult to judge here, I cannot read Joe Biden's thoughts.

- What do you think about the fact that Sitnik is the head of NABU, and Kasko and Tripak are deputy prosecutors?

- One can only assume that the Democratic lobby in Ukraine is still strong and exerts a significant influence on the Ukrainian leadership.

- Does the US Ambassador in Kiev work more for Democrats than for the American government?

- Hillary Clinton was the head of the State Department for a long time. Naturally, there are still many of her supporters in the US foreign policy department, and replacing everyone is a very slow process, therefore it is quite possible, that the representatives of the US Embassy in Ukraine indirectly or directly worked for the Democrats.

- What can you tell us about Zlochevsky, what he was doing during Yanukovych presidency, and how did he manage to keep his income after the Maidan?

- Nikolai Zlochevsky is a classic example of the Minister of Yanukovych, who, while holding a high-ranking post, carried out corrupt actions using his official position. In particular, Burisma company, which was engaged in gas production, was directly under the control and influence of the ministry, which was headed by Nikolai Zlochevsky. Naturally, after the victory of the Maidan and the flight of Yanukovych, Zlochevsky's activities aroused close attention of law enforcement agencies. As for how he managed to save his capital and company – it is very simple. We call it “getting a roof”. Roughly speaking, in order to secure his business, he attracted high-ranking representatives of Western countries to the management of his company. Mr. Kwasniewski and Joe Biden's son – these are quite influential people who can protect his business from persecution by the Ukrainian authorities

- How did Biden and the former president of Poland come to Burizma?

- Do you mean how they received the proposals?

- Why did they agree?

- Well, why not? These were quite serious financial payments for the fact that they did nothing.