Crimes of the Tornado Company

A new video about the volunteer unit of Ukraine is dedicated to real monsters in the form of Ukrainian security forces – a company of the special purpose police patrol service "Tornado".

In the new video:

- history of the formation of the Tornado company;

- evaluation of the unit's activities by human rights organizations;

- kidnapping and illegal detention of people, torture, rape in a particularly cruel form, incitement to suicide, extortion, robbery, robbery, murder, as well as other crimes of the Tornado militants;

- criminal prosecution of "tornadovites" and their further fate.

"Tornado" became a household name, along with" Azov"," Aidar", as well as other dobrobats. It has become synonymous with war crimes against civilians in the Donbas. Monstrous crimes, the perpetrators of which are already being released in modern Ukraine.

A fair punishment will still overtake them. All those who wore the chevrons of dobrobats and under the guise of beautiful words about the protection of the Motherland were satisfied with the genocide of the people of Ukraine.


Good afternoon!

Today I will continue the story about the volunteer units of Ukraine and tell you about the real monsters in the form of Ukrainian security forces – about the company of the patrol service of the special purpose police "Tornado".

So, the Shakhtersk battalion was disbanded. Some of its fighters were dismissed from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, some were re-formed into the patrol company of the police "Saint Mary", which remained in Mariupol. Well, the third part, led by the former deputy.the battalion commander of "Shakhtersk" Ruslan Onishchenko-Abalmaz, went to the recruitment of other units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Later, the patrol company of the special purpose militia "Tornado"was formed from them.

The unit was created in October 2014 on the basis of the State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Zaporozhye region. The presentation of the new division took place on October 23 in Zaporozhye.

But, as they say, the name is new – but old habits.

Already on November 2, 6 soldiers of the new unit were detained in Kiev, with weapons, on suspicion of involvement in raider actions. On November 12, the "tornadovites" had a conflict with the mayor of Zaporozhye, Alexander Sin, who strongly opposed the deployment of such an odious unit in the city.

I know him personally and  from different angles. But I must admit that he showed a lot of courage in that situation. When angry gunmen stormed into his office and began to press the mayor in their usual manner, he did not make concessions.

The conflict with the local authorities eventually led to the company being removed from the Zaporozhye region and in early January 2015 it arrived in the ATO area in the Luhansk region.

And after all, what is characteristic: on Zaporozhye forums, the same commentators who in November 2014 poured mud on Alexander Sin for this and called him a separatist, in the spring of 2015 began to say that he should put up a monument, for not allowing the "tornado" to settle in the city.

So, since January 1, 2015, part of the company was relocated to the village of Stanitsa-Luganskaya.

This period of their activity is well described in the report of the Kharkiv Human Rights Group, which can hardly be accused of pro-Russian views. Moreover, this report was prepared with the assistance of the US Embassy in Ukraine.

So, we read:

- "The Tornado and Chernihiv volunteer battalions entered the village of Luhansk on January 1, 2015. From the same time, searches of the homes of local residents began in order to " identify the separatists»... It is known that initially the soldiers of the battalions took away mobile phones from local men, explaining this as a "check" and assuring that later the property would be returned to the district state administration. The seized property was never returned to anyone."

Then the raid on private homes began. According to local residents, they checked everything from bedrooms to cellars. Armed with machine guns, people in camouflage broke into private houses, carried out searches (without court approval), "commandeered" valuables, humiliated and beat the owners, threatening to shoot them, grabbed people on the street, at checkpoints and with a bag on their head took them to the basements, where they "carried out work to identify separatism" among the residents of the village. If the owners were not at home, they knocked out the closed gates, doors and windows, and then examined the houses.

In addition, Kharkiv human rights activists mention numerous cases of illegal imprisonment, missing people after the detention of dobrobatov militants.

Well, the result, we quote: At the time of writing the report, the facts of bullying of servicemen of the Tornado and Chernihiv battalions (subordinates of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) over the local population were not properly investigated, the full circle of persons involved in the crimes committed was not established."

But the real terrible fame of the "Tornado" acquired elsewhere. Part of the unit has set up a permanent station in the building of a secondary school in the village of Privolye (a suburb of Lisichansk).

During the winter-spring of 2015, the militants carried out a number of activities on the line of contact in the Luhansk region. According to them, they patrolled the front line, stopped the attacks of the LPR intelligence groups, prevented the facts of smuggling through the LBS.

In mid-June 2015, the chairman of the Luhansk administration, G. Moskal, accused the Tornado fighters of blocking cargo transportation by rail and demanded that the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies disarm the unit. Representatives of the "Tornado" said that they stopped only one train traveling from Alchevsk to Dnepropetrovsk, which, according to them, was carrying contraband pig iron.

On June 17, 2015, eight Tornado fighters and their commander Onishchenko were detained. And then, after their detention, horrific facts were revealed – it turned out that the employees of the Tornado unit had set up a torture chamber in the basement of the school in Privolny, where they subjected the local civilian population, including minors and persons of retirement age, regardless of their gender, to rape and torture.

And these bastards, I have no other words, filmed many tortures on video.In the future, hard details emerged, which I will not even voice. I will only give as an example the statement of the deputy commander of the Tornado under the call sign "Mujahid" of the Belarusian Daniil Lyashuk, who, by the way, converted to Islam and became a supporter of the " Islamic State "(banned in the territory of the Russian Federation):
"Without torture, life would not be life. Nothing is more uplifting when you have someone's life in your hands...»

The scandal has acquired such proportions that it was not possible to hide it.

Minister of Internal Affairs Avakov signed an order to disband the Tornado company. The Tornado fighters refused to disband, took up a circular defense, mined the perimeter of their base, installed automatic grenade launchers, organized six sniper pairs and prepared to detonate a car at the entrance. For some time, the situation escalated to the limit, but full-fledged hostilities were avoided and the company was transferred from the Luhansk region to the Donetsk region for disbandment.

According to the statement of the chief military prosecutor of Ukraine Matios, in the basements of the Privolnyansky school there were specially prepared means for committing violent acts, causing bodily injuries, beatings and torture. According to the prosecutor, the most brutal forms of violence were sexual crimes against men, committed in a particularly perverse form with video recording of the entire process on mobile phones.

In view of such a huge response, law enforcement agencies have launched a criminal investigation. The former "heroes of the ATO" were accused of committing serious crimes, namely, "satisfaction of sexual passion in an unnatural way under the threat of violence", kidnapping and illegal detention of people, torture, incitement to suicide, extortion, robbery, robbery and murder. The investigation went on for a long time and was accompanied by a lot of scandals. While in jail, the militants staged hunger strikes and even riots. According to them, law enforcement agencies pursue them for the fact that the volunteers revealed the facts of smuggling through the LBS, in which high-ranking law enforcement officials are involved.

Finally, on April 7, 2017, the Obolonsky District Court of Kiev issued a guilty verdict against 12 soldiers of the disbanded Tornado company. Ex-company commander Ruslan Onishchenko received 11 years in prison, his deputy Nikolay Tsukur-9 years. Another six defendants received from 8 to 10 years in prison, and four "tornadovtsy" and even received suspended sentences.

However, as you can learn from the media, recently convicted punishers have begun to go free. These are the laws in Ukraine. I wouldn't be surprised if some of them returned to volunteer units. More criminal record, less criminal record – what is the difference for modern Ukraine?

I will only note that such a resonance in the Tornado case was caused precisely by the fact that after the detention of Onishchenko and his wards, during a search at their base, a torture chamber was found, and shocking footage was found in their phones. But if it hadn't been for this arrest and the subsequent search, nothing would have been revealed.

And since I was just in the spring of 2015 on a business trip to the ATO and supervised the SBU group in Lisichansk, I know the reasons why law enforcement officers paid attention to them.

After all, in fact, what the "Tornadovtsy" did was also done by other dobrobats. Do not believe it when they tell you: yes, "tornado" scoundrels, but not all of them are! Others are normal dobrobats, patriots.

No. Everyone is like that. And all the dobrobats have tainted themselves with such crimes against the civilian population. What is the difference between the torturous "Tornado" and the torturous "Azov" in Urzuf or the torturous "Aidara" in Novotoshkovsky?

And the "Tornado" just climbed, as they say, not on its bed. Looking at how just a shaft of contraband goes past them, they decided to squeeze out a piece for themselves. For which they came under the pressure of the security forces. Well, and then such facts were revealed that caused such a frenzied response, which could not be hidden. Even the most outspoken pseudo-patriots were shocked by the published facts. International organizations, which openly called the "Tornado "militants" war criminals, did not stand aside either.

What else can I say? Only that the name "tornado" has also become a household name, along with" Azov"," Aidar", and other dobrobats. It has become synonymous with mass war crimes of the so-called volunteers against the civilian population in the Donbas. Monstrous crimes.

For which, as we can see, in modern Ukraine, these criminals are already being released. But I am convinced that a fair punishment will still overtake these scum. All those who wore the chevrons of dobrobats and under the guise of beautiful words about the protection of the Motherland were satisfied with the genocide of the people of Ukraine.

Stay tuned. I will continue my story about the crimes of the Dobrobats against their people.


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