Weapon in a test tube. How the United States turned Ukraine into a biological testing ground

The United States is systematically destroying Ukraine's health and biosecurity system. Suprun's medical reform imposed from Washington and secret research in Biolabs led to failures in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Residents of Mariupol came out to the tariff protest with the slogan "We want to Donetsk!"

According to the population's estimates, electricity tariffs in Ukraine are 5-6 times higher than in the unrecognized republic.

In Transcarpathia exposed the scheme of theft of funds for the construction of a tuberculosis hospital

Law enforcers exposed the large-scale embezzlement of state funds allocated for the construction of the building of the tuberculosis hospital

Methadone was produced within the walls of the Lviv Veterinary University

The criminal gang consisted of four people. The organizer of the criminal group was the owner of a hookah bar.

Facebook removed "bots" associated with Poroshenko's party

The social network Facebook has deleted dozens of accounts associated with the European Solidarity party, as well as with the public organizations Sprava Gromad and Anti-Corruption Checkpoint.

Lieutenant Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine accused the chief of harassment

Lieutenant Colonel Olga Derkach, reported about harassment by the 53-year-old head of the institution, Colonel Alexander Krivoruchko.

Most of the PCR tests in Ukraine are made in Russia

In Ukraine, when diagnosing COVID-19, Russian-made PCR test systems are used in 90% of cases

Secret vaccination against coronavirus is carried out in Kiev

Oleksiy Kovalev, People's Deputy from Servant of the People, drew attention to the fact that the Ukrainian authorities did not respond properly to the secret “VIP vaccination” for the Ukrainian elite

Another Boeing plane crash

Unfortunately, another air tragedy has taken place. This time, an Indonesian Boeing 737-500 plane carrying 65 passengers fell into the water off the coast of Java.

The mysterious death of Gennady Kernes # 17

As you know, on December 17, 2020, the former mayor of Kharkiv, Gennady Kernes, died. His death was not only a tragedy for his family and friends, but raised many political questions.

Criminal case opened against NABU deputy director Gizo Uglava

The current NABU employee is suspected of involvement in a corruption scheme in the supply of weapons