Crimes of the Chernihiv battalion

In the previous remarks, you learned about the most odious volunteer units of Ukraine, such as the Dnieper, Donbass, Azov, Myrotvoretz, Kiev, Tornado.These battalions received the greatest "fame" because of their high-profile crimes that contradict any human and international norms.

Further remarks will be devoted to less well-known formations in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Nevertheless, they left their bloody mark in the history of modern Ukraine.

Next in line is the special purpose patrol police battalion "Chernihiv".

Almost all of its volunteers are participants of Euromaidan, as well as members of the odious right-wing radical groups Right Sector and Misanthropic Division.

Dobrobat's activity was accompanied by constant scandals. These are the organized smuggling of food and alcohol by the militants, the seizure of cars and apartments from local residents, the sale of the right to leave the ATO zone, the appropriation of weapons and ammunition, regular showdowns with other law enforcement units.  These and other crimes will be discussed in the new remark.


I continue the story about the volunteer units of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, specifically about the units in the Interior Ministry system.

In principle, I have already told you about the most media-promoted divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The units "Dnipro", "Kiev", "Mirotvorets" have been constantly on the radar since 2014, they are often mentioned in the media, not only in regional, but also in all-Ukrainian ones.

But let me remind you that in April 2014, after the decision of the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov to create volunteer units of the special purpose patrol service in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, such units were created at each regional Department of Internal Affairs. And in some areas – even more than one division.

And each such battalion, company during its existence has left its own bloody trail in the east of the country. However, not only in the east.

And even if their actions are not as widely known as the crimes of "Azov", "Donbass", "Dnipro", this does not make them any less disgusting. And as they say, a country should know its heroes.

Therefore, I will devote further remarks to less well-known volunteer units in the Interior Ministry system, which nevertheless were widely noted in the civil conflict in the Donbas.

And today the story will be about the special purpose patrol police battalion "Chernihiv".

The battalion was created one of the first in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine – back in April 2014.

Almost all the volunteers of this formation were participants of the "Euromaidan". Among the militants were also members of the odious right-wing radical groups "Right Sector" and Misanthropic Division.

The first battalion commander was Roman Pytskiv, a native of the Ivano-Frankivsk region, who lived in Chernihiv.

On the Maidan, Roman Pytskiv was a centurion of the "14th hundred of the Maidan self-defense". He took part in the conflict since the end of November 2013.

When in April 2014, in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Chernihiv region, it was decided to create a special purpose patrol police battalion, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Nikolai Velichkovich, who also took up his position on the wave of the Maidan, invited Roman Pytskiv to take part in the creation of this battalion. Well, and already the former centurion of the Maidan pulled his so-called "twin brothers"into the division.

As he himself recalled: "The very creation of the battalion was not easy. I got the task to gather people. There was an instruction from Andrey Parubiy to organize people from Self-Defense, I took the guys from the Maidan, those who did not go to the National Guard. We arrived in Chernihiv, where we were given an old room and began the educational process."

On May 8, 2014, the battalion's fighters took the "oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people". At that time, the battalion numbered 46 people, however, the leadership planned to increase the personnel to 200 people.

On May 10, the personnel of the Chernihiv battalion began carrying out patrol service "to ensure law and order on the streets and in public places of their regional center".

In early June 2014, the battalion was ordered to leave for the anti-terrorist operation zone in the Donbas. And then the problems began:

The battalion was sent hastily, without celebrations, on Saturday, June 7. It was planned that 107 fighters would go to the rotation, but on the eve of 21 policemen wrote a report on dismissal, explaining their decision by the fact that they were not even given bulletproof vests.

Upon learning about this, the minister immediately dismissed the employees.

They came not to defend Ukraine, but to earn 4500 hryvnias a month. Such kind of patriots for money. When I read the report, there was a persistent feeling of disgust. - Arsen Avakov reacted to the event.

As a result, on June 8, 2014, the Chernihiv battalion left for the zone of the so-called anti-terrorist operation, immediately missing more than 20 people.

Initially, the militants of "Chernihiv" were located in the city of Svatovo, Luhansk region, which was never under the control of the LPR militia. The soldiers of" Chernihiv " served at 11 checkpoints, identifying people who disagree with the actions of the Kiev authorities.

In the future, the battalion's fighters began to participate more actively in the actions of the ATO forces. In July 2014, the battalion was noted in the so-called "liberations" of the settlements of the Luhansk region, Kremennaya, Severodonetsk, Lisichansk, Rubezhnoye, which were widely promoted in the future.

However, in September 2014, the battalion was temporarily left without a commander - on September 11, 2014, returning from Kiev to Chernihiv, Roman Pytskiv lost control, flew off the road and crashed into the trees of the forest belt. The car presented by the sponsor to the battalion was smashed to pieces. The battalion commander himself was taken to the hospital with injuries.But Chernihiv continued to operate without Roman Pytskiv.

The final point of their relocation was the settlement of Stanitsa Luganskaya, which the battalion entered in September 2014.

It was in this locality that the battalion suffered the greatest losses – on November 15, the unit's bus was ambushed by the LPR militia. Three militants were killed and 5 others were wounded.

After the battle, the battalion's militants blamed the AFU servicemen for the incident, who allegedly missed the LPR reconnaissance group and did not help the Chernihiv residents in time. In addition, the leadership of the ATO, which did not provide the battalion with heavy weapons, also got it.

These accusations were very characteristically answered by my friend from Slavyansk, the speaker of the ATO Vladislav Seleznev:

- Police units are designed to protect public order. To do this, they have everything they need: means of protection, fire damage at the level of small arms, as well as means of transportation. If the Chernihiv battalion was on the front line, they would need tanks, armored personnel carriers, and so on. But they have completely different tasks and they have everything they need to complete them.

Nevertheless, after a short rest, in January 2015, the Chernihiv battalion again arrived in the Village of Lugansk.

Together with them, the Tornado company also arrived in the settlement. I have already mentioned the stage of the " heroic "activity of these divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in quotation marks in the remark about the"Tornado". Therefore, I will not repeat myself, telling about the outrages and crimes of the so-called "liberators".

The battalion stayed in the Village of Lugansk for quite a long time. And all the time of his stay, his activities were accompanied by scandals. A sensational case was the story of smuggling through the contact line, which was established by the militants of "Chernihiv".

On 16.06.2015, in the locality of Stanitsa Luganskaya, soldiers of the reconnaissance platoon of the battalion named after Kulchitsky of the National Guard was detained by 6 trucks of contraband with food and alcohol. The cargo was accompanied by the foreman of the Chernihiv battalion Yaroslav Romanchich, who was also detained by the National Guard.

After the arrest, the base of the Kulchytskyi battalion in Stanytsia Luhanska was surrounded by soldiers of Chernihiv and the 128th Mountain Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in armored vehicles with a demand to give up the smuggling conductor.

The scouts who blocked the trucks with contraband were disarmed. The commanders of the three warring units gathered at the place for negotiations. It almost came to a shootout. And only after the intervention of the military prosecutor's office, the SBU (with the involvement of Alpha fighters), the conflict was extinguished. Two soldiers of the Chernihiv battalion were dismissed from the police and that was the end of the matter. And the smuggling channels were partially intercepted by the soldiers of the IM battalion. Kulchitsky, who also wanted to snatch a piece of pie.

Scandals shook the battalion constantly. During the unit's stay in the ATO, the battalion's soldiers squeezed cars and apartments from local residents in the ATO zone, even noted the facts of selling the right to leave the ATO zone, brought weapons and ammunition home.

The suicide of 19-year-old fighter Ilya Belous made a lot of noise. In February 2015, the guy shot himself in the forehead on the bus, while returning from the ATO.

As a result, in January 2016, the Chernihiv battalion was reorganized into a company. Roman Pytskiv, who made a career for himself, went to the promotion and in April 2015 became the deputy head of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs. And in the fall of 2014, he even ran for people's deputies. However, it is unfortunate, "Chernihiv" is still not "Donbass", not "Mirotvoretz".

This is a very characteristic story for the volunteer units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine during the post-Maidan period of power.

Looting, smuggling, extra-judicial persecution, internal disassembly are the classic signs of the volunteer unit of the new Ukraine.

Stay tuned. I will continue the story about the crimes of the volunteer units of the Kiev authorities.


Arsen Avakov;

Roman Pytskiv;

Yaroslav Romanchich;

Nikolai Velichkovich;


Mirotvoretz Regiment

Azov Battalion

Dnipro Battalion

The Donbass Battalion

Kulchitsky Battalion

Tornado Company

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

"Right Sector"

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