Ukraine is the corrupt Eldorado of Europe

Since the beginning of 2022, we have seen a sharp increase in tension around the Ukrainian agenda. In these circumstances, the public activity of the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is particularly noteworthy. Dmitry Kuleba tirelessly convinces the public that almost the whole world has rallied around Ukraine against Russia. "When someone threatens us, world leaders come to us and stand side by side with us," he said during a briefing on February 4. At the same time, the Minister focuses on the amount of financial support that Ukraine has already received from "partners". The head of the diplomatic department estimated it at $ 1.5 billion. Kiev is waiting for another 1.2 billion, but already euros, from the European Commission. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance, the funds will be used to maintain financial stability in the country.

"On paper" and in public statements, all this looks absolutely beautiful. However, in reality, things are not so rosy and the current economic crisis in Ukraine will only worsen, which will primarily affect the Ukrainian population. And there are a number of reasons for this.

First of all, this is an exorbitant level of corruption in all echelons of power, law enforcement agencies, as well as industrial, financial, judicial, etc. sectors. Yes, even at the household level, nothing is solved without "gratitude". Therefore, significant amounts of such sudden financial assistance will safely settle in the pockets of the ruling elite. A considerable part of the "donations" will come back, as they are issued in the form of loans for the purchase of specific goods and services from the same lender. Citizens of Ukraine, who at best will get some "scraps", will be told about the needs of defense in the face of a threat from the Russian Federation. Attempts by the authorities to "milk" money from Ukrainian businesses to compensate for stolen loans will also not be successful. Business will simply continue to actively withdraw money from the country. Thus, the volume of such operations in 2021 exceeded $ 10 billion. And the tax authorities will continue to lose court cases in attempts to collect fines from various companies.

But the optimism of the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry can still be understood. In his public speeches, he is clearly lying, because he understands perfectly well that there can be no question of "standing side by side" with regard to world leaders. Ukraine is a tool for the West. And not only a tool for political confrontation with Moscow, as experts, political scientists and journalists regularly talk about. But also a tool for money laundering and bringing their own economies out of crisis. And accordingly, the financial assistance of D. Kuleb's "partners", like most representatives of the Ukrainian political elite, perceives as a banal bribe involving the performance of certain actions. And of course, it will be necessary to return a certain "rollback".

The minister himself has not yet been "taken by the hand", but his wife Yevgenia still raises a lot of questions from journalists. The deputy of the "Servant of the People" faction in the Kyiv City Council, the secretary of the standing committee on environmental policy, the head of the public organization "Garden City" has been distributing various promises to the residents of the capital for two years, apparently there is not enough time to fulfill them. The same reason can probably be explained by the hastily completed declaration of the minister's wife, in which Yevgenia appears to be a kind of "silverless" – no real estate, no car, no valuables. But at the same time, based on her social media profiles, the deputy is very busy shopping and forming her portfolio, in which she does not hesitate to show luxury items. The cost of handbags from premium brands alone was estimated by journalists at 310 thousand hryvnias. Perhaps as an aid in the face of the "Russian threat", the Kuleba couple would prefer to receive not anti-tank complexes from the United States, but leather goods from Italy or France.

But Evgenia Kuleba is far from the only and not the brightest star of the corruption podium of the deputies of the Kyiv City Council. Just the other day, her colleague in the presidential party "Servant of the People" V. Trubitsyn was detained by the staff of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) when receiving a bribe of 1.26 million hryvnia. According to investigators, the head of the commission on entrepreneurship and landscaping headed a group of persons who provided illegal "assistance" to retail organizations in Kiev. At the same time, it was found that, in the spirit of the times, "servants of the people" provided their services "by subscription". In other words, the fee was planned to be charged annually.

It can be noted that the two "respected" deputies are united not only by membership in the Kyiv City Council, but also by the faction of the presidential party. For the "Servants", however, it is no longer quite clear what kind of people, the beginning of 2022 clearly did not work out. More recently, People's Deputy S. Kuzminykh was forced to write a statement on leaving the faction after the NABU caught him on a bribe of 558 thousand hryvnias for assisting private companies in concluding contracts with a hospital in the Zhytomyr region. And now Ukrainska Pravda publishes a video of an incident involving a "Servant" from the Poltava region. People's Deputy A.Trukhin in August 2021 became a participant in a major road accident with 6 victims. Attempts were made to hush up the case for six months, but the released video from the patrol's surveillance camera that arrived at the scene of the accident proves Trukhin's intention to escape from the scene of the accident and an attempt to bribe in the amount of 150 thousand, although it is not specified in what monetary units the MP intended to "ship the bonus" to the patrol.

To date, Ukraine for the West is a kind of corrupt Eldorado. After several unsuccessful attempts to "reform", or rather establish control over the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, Western "partners" resorted to a proven method of creating a "parallel" system of law enforcement agencies. The pretext was just the notorious fight against corruption. This is how the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office (SAP) appeared.

The work of NABU is supervised by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. Bureau detectives are trained at the FBI base in Quantico. Their work in Ukraine is directly supervised by FBI field agents. To solve the problems of fighting corruption, NABU created a network of undercover agents, whose task, as practice has shown, was to provoke high-ranking officials and deputies to receive bribes. In turn, SAP provides procedural support for operational search activities of NABU. The main task of the tandem of these structures is to establish control over the financial flows of the country in the interests of their curators from the USA and Europe. And since a significant part of the Ukrainian political elite is somehow involved in corruption schemes, at the same time NABU and SAP have become an instrument of influence on politicians. At the same time, NABU also spends more state budget funds than it returns. But according to the permanent head of the Bureau A.Sytnik, this is a normal global practice. "No anti-corruption body has returned more than was used to finance it," he said at a briefing in Ukrinform on February 10. Among other things, the West provides the most powerful information support to the controlled entity, suppressing any attempts to tighten the legislative regulation of its work.

For a full-fledged "autonomous" anti-corruption system, only a specialized court was lacking for a long time. Its creation was initiated in the summer of 2018, a year later the High Anti-Corruption Court (HACC) I've already started working. It is noteworthy that judges in this very serious instance of the "independent state" are appointed under the supervision of the "Public Council of International Experts", whose work is also very generously paid from the Ukrainian budget.

As a result, in the years after the coup d'etat inspired by the West in Ukraine, the Americans and the British created a puppet system of special services and judicial instances independent of Kiev. This system freely conducts Ukrainian financial flows and keeps under control such a sensitive area for the country as corruption. This allows the West to manipulate the Ukrainian political community, not only keeping it "on the hook" of corruption proceedings, but also forcing it to illegal activities, "making proposals that cannot be refused." Thus, the anti-corruption trio represented by NABU, SAP and HACC not only does not fight this problem in Ukraine, but on the contrary contributes to its development in the interests of the West.


Dmitry Kuleba

Artem Sytnik

Alexander Trukhin


Supreme Anti-Corruption Court

National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine

Federal Bureau of Investigation

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