As I announced in my previous investigation, I continue to tell you about the crimes of the Ukrainian special services and people close to them. Former people's deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andrei Derkach, in his interview with the Belarusian news agency BelTa, once again touched upon the topic of large-scale corruption in Ukraine. He recalled the financing of terrorist acts through Nikolai Zlochevsky’s “Burisma” campaign, the leadership of which included Hunter Biden, the son of the current US President, and about the “reverse” of Russian gas, as well as the participation of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in facilitating the cover operation on Nord Streams.

So, I would like to dwell on the personality of Sergei Slyusarenko, whom I have already written about several times in the context of corruption in Ukraine, his partnership with Kirill Budanov and their corruption cases.

Sergey Slyusarenko is the head of the Ukrainian company INKOMPAS, which supplies military equipment, as well as weapons and ammunition in the interests of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. This privilege was given to the company because of Slyusarenko’s close friendly relations with the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate, Kirill Budanov. Moreover, in narrow circles Slyusarenko is called the “brain” of the financial pyramid in Ukrainian intelligence, since it is he who is responsible for coordinating contracts between foreign suppliers and GUR structures. For the same reason, his company avoids inspections by supervisory authorities, despite numerous accusations of embezzlement of public funds.

For example, Inkompas served the deal for the purchase by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine from Poland of two thousand high-explosive fragmentation mines of 120-mm caliber produced in 1989-1990 by the Polish company PHU LECHMAR LLC and 60 Warmate 3.0 loitering ammunition produced by WB ELECTRONICS S.A. It follows from the contracts that the total cost of the mines turned out to be almost 34 thousand euros less than the amount allocated from the Ukrainian state budget to the GUR (933 thousand 643 euros and 900 thousand euros, respectively, taking into account the exchange rate of the hryvnia against the euro). Thus, about 34 thousand euros were “lost” on the way from the GUR to Incompass. I wrote about this case in detail in one of my previous investigations.

Meanwhile, to work with large suppliers of weapons and military equipment, as well as to delineate cash flows, several new schemes were established on Slyusarenko’s initiative. One of them is based on the work of the Ukrainian Association of Defense and Security Industry (UADSI) subordinate to the GUR in the Czech Republic.

Ukrainian defense and industrial security

UADSI was created on July 8, 2015 during the so-called “anti-terrorist operation” in Donbass. It was headed by Colonel of GUR Evgeniy Ivanovich Krupa (born January 12, 1969, DRFO number: 2521412356).

Evgeniy Ivanovich Krupa

The active work of the association in the international arena was observed in the first two years after its creation. The organization took part in forums and exhibitions, and was the initiator of various press conferences on military topics in Ukraine. However, after a stormy start, there was a five-year hiatus in operation, as evidenced by the lack of news about its activities. But already in the spring of 2022, the activity of the association increased sharply. Colonel Krupa has become a regular visitor to various international arms forums and exhibitions, he is invited to defense factories and enterprises, and he is in regular correspondence with the offices of some heads of state, as well as residents of Western intelligence services. A sharp increase in interest in the association became possible thanks to the indication of a common “employer” for Krupa and Slyusarenko - Budanov. He not only brought together the director of Incompass, who has extensive connections both within Ukraine and abroad, with the chairman of an association that was insignificant until recently, but also on May 9, 2022, signed a kind of credentials to the director of UADSI.

In the document, the head of military intelligence authorizes Krupa to take measures to receive, acquire, transport, deliver, transfer and customs clearance of humanitarian aid, weapons and ammunition, the final consumer of which will be the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and its individual units.

A letter on the letterhead of the central office of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense signed by K.A. Budanov. The strict reporting form, the red ink seal and the corner stamp of the GUR indicate the state level of the document. [original]

The letter, auto-translated

Not only the leadership of the Main Intelligence Directorate, but also Ukraine’s overseas partners, specifically the US Central Intelligence Agency were interested in such broad activities and powers of UADSI.

The American model of public administration, like in many other large countries, is inert and slow. Heads of intelligence agencies, in particular the CIA, need to plan a budget to carry out certain operations for the year ahead. Such requirements of the American regulator are difficult to meet given the turbulence of the era, which forces American specialists to figure it out on the go.

Thus, the armed conflict in Ukraine became a kind of salvation for the American intelligence apparatus. After all, within the colossal budgets allocated to ensure American interests in the SMO zone, it is possible to carry out smaller operations in other regions of the world, shifting funds already received from one item of expenditure to another. This is why many captives say they have never seen the Javelins and Stingers promised by NATO, and that they are forced to fight with what they have.

The meaning of the scheme is that the CIA uses the GUR as a tool to redirect batches of one or another arms and military equipment to solve operational problems in various regions of the world.

In the process of delivering a particular shipment of arms and military equipment, a number of bureaucratic barriers are created, which leads to idle “cargo” on the territory of transit states. At this moment, organizations and contractors affiliated with special services, such as UADSI, are involved in the distribution of weapons, for which decommissioning documents are already ready in Ukraine.

The tasks of Ukrainian military intelligence include falsifying documents about the destruction in combat conditions of certain types of weapons and military equipment supplied through Western special services.

An example of the functioning of this scheme is the supply of weapons intended for Ukraine to the Albanian Kosovars at the beginning of 2023. Thus, from January to July 2023, a batch of 6 thousand RPG rounds, 5 thousand helmets and 5 thousand armor plates was delivered to Kosovo, the same ones that the National Guard of Ukraine requested back in December 2022. The delivery was to be carried out from a Czech plant with the assistance of the Czech Agency for Intergovernmental Defense Cooperation. However, the “cargo” went to the wrong address.

End user certificate signed by the Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine.
The document bears the visa of the military attache of Ukraine in the Czech Republic, Colonel A.S. Nagoryansky (a personnel officer of the Main Intelligence Directorate).

On January 4, 2023, creating an alibi for himself and simulating correspondence with counterparties abroad that are slowing down deliveries, the director of the Main Intelligence Directorate sends a letter to the head of the Agency for Intergovernmental Defense Cooperation of the Czech Republic, in which he states that the Ukrainian troops located in the Bakhmut area have still not received 6 thousand RPG shots, and therefore suffer heavy losses. He points out that this letter is a repeated one and requests an early consideration of the previous application for the supply of the necessary weapons.

Letter from the Chief of the Main Intelligence Directorate addressed to the Head of the Agency on Intergovernmental Defense Cooperation of the Czech Republic (AIDC)

The efforts made were not enough and, after waiting three months to no avail, on April 6, 2023, Budanov sent a third letter to the direct executor of the order, the director of the Czech plant VOP CZ, Marek Spok. I will tell you more about this person in one of the following investigations, but for now let’s pay attention to the documents addressed to him.

Letter No. 222/DP/1307 dated 04/06/2023 with attachment No. 222/DP/1306

In them, the head of military intelligence actually demands that partners fulfill the agreements reached and notifies them that the January application has not yet been approved. Most likely, the sending of the third letter was dictated by the need to provide the Czechs with the ill-fated end-user certificate, which Budanov attached to the above-mentioned document (No. 222/DP/1306 dated April 6, 2023).

Please note that according to the document, Budanov undertakes an obligation that the transferred weapons will be used exclusively on the territory of Ukraine.

In addition, it is worth noting that all documents arriving through the Main Intelligence Directorate in Prague are endorsed by the military attaché of Ukraine in the Czech Republic by career intelligence officer Colonel Alexey Nagoryansky (born 10/20/1980, DRFO number: 2951317310).

Nagoryansky, military attache of Ukraine in the Czech Republic, colonel of the Main Intelligence Directorate

Data of Colonel GUR A.S.Nagoryansky

It is noteworthy that last summer no one remembered the lost batch of RPG rounds. Apparently the financial tranche and instructions to remain silent finally reached the recipient, and the warehouses of the Albanian Kosovars were replenished with the necessary weapons.

The above case is no exception. Inexplicable problems and delays regularly occur in the process of supplying arms and military equipment through the GUR system.

According to my information, in addition to the above-mentioned Evgeniy Krupa, Marek Spock and Alexey Nagoryansky, the network of companies and individuals involved in the supply of arms and military equipment to Ukraine and other countries includes:

- Export Director of the Slovak ARMATEC S.R.O., specializing in the supply of weapons and military equipment, Josef Konak;

- his brother, director of the Slovak company LEVEXPRESS S.R.O, Vincent Konak;

- co-founder of the Slovak SKYDEAL SPOOL S.R.O. Andrey Rostash;

- Director of the Slovak TRADE HOUSE APSNY S.R.O. Josef Balazs;

- co-founder of the Slovak SKYLINES GROUP S.R.O. Roman Rabinovich;

- co-founder of the Czech DIVORI TRADING S.R.O. Alexander Skubenich;

- co-founder of the Slovak XXEUROPE S.R.O. Vladimir Portashik.

As I said above, this scheme for creating artificial delays is mutually beneficial. The Main Intelligence Directorate and its leader receive a generous financial reward for silence and “fake” decommissioning of equipment on the battlefield, and the United States receives the opportunity to maneuver and quickly supply arms and military equipment to third countries. If it is necessary to provide reporting documents upon request from the United States, the Main Intelligence Directorate, through subordinate organizations, in particular UADSI, imitates vigorous activity, bombarding the offices of heads of defense enterprises and the offices of some heads of state with letters of complaint, accusing them of untimely transfer of equipment and organizing bureaucratic delays. This is done to buy time needed to decommission a large number of weapons.

I have at my disposal other documents confirming this scheme. So, for example, on August 28, 2023, the Chairman of the UADSI Krupa addressed two written requests to the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of Denmark, as well as the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of Poland, in which he outlined the essence of the Ukrainian claim, which was the delay in the transportation of American weapons.

Letter from Krupa No. 28/08-7 dated 08/28/2023 addressed to the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of Denmark

Letter from  Krupa No. 28/08-3 dated August 28, 2023, addressed to the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of Poland

In particular, he notes that the AKM Group CZ company and the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense entered into an agreement for the supply of dual-use goods from the United States. According to him, AKM Group CZ, together with partners from Ridgeway International, Ridgeway International Canada and Manners Spedition GmbH, were supposed to ensure the transportation of unnamed weapons from the United States to Poland through Denmark and Germany. The “goods” were supposed to arrive in the city of Rzeszow (Poland) at the end of July 2023. However, as Krupa writes, requests for the transit of goods through the territory of Denmark and Poland, submitted on July 19 and 21, 2023, respectively, have not yet been considered. In addition, Krupa reproaches the governments of Denmark and Poland for the losses of manpower suffered by the Ukrainian Armed Forces while waiting for ammunition.

To which, on September 18, 2023, he receives a response from the Danish side, which explains the reason for the delay associated with the need to obtain some “additional documentation” for military equipment transported across the kingdom.

Response from the head of the Danish National Police Office No. 2927836 dated 09.18.2023 to the request of the Chairman of the UADSI

Thus, the next batch of weapons has sunk into oblivion or, for example, migrated to territories controlled by Syrian militants in the province of Idlib. It was precisely this episode that I talked about in detail in my film.

One way or another, servicemen in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were left without vital weapons and military equipment. And now we should not be surprised by the fall of the Bakhmut and Avdeevka fortifications, as well as the active advance of the Russian Armed Forces in the Kharkov region.

As we already know from previous investigations, financial flows ensuring the transit of weapons to third countries pass through Bulgaria. The main role in this is played by the Bulgarian company VIKTOR INVEST EOOD, which I already noted earlier in the scheme of sponsoring sabotage on the Nord Streams.

This company is headed by Ukrainian Lyudmila Viktorovna Gogolenko, born June 18, 1965, DRFO number: 2391015886 (she is a figurehead to whom the company is registered and she performs only representative functions).

Director of VIKTOR INVEST L.V. Gogolenko

The interacting link between VIKTOR INVEST and UADSI is the wife of the chairman of the association, Zinaida Afanasievna Krupa, born 05/10/1976, DRFO number: 2788926403, who regularly visits Bulgaria.

Wife of the Chairman of UADSI, Z.A. Krupa

Decision to terminate enforcement proceedings against Z.A. Krupa in Varna, Bulgaria [original]


Job structure of UADSI. Wife of E.I. Krupa heads the control and audit commission of the association in Bulgaria


At first glance, VIKTOR INVEST EOOD is an ordinary organization that has nothing to do with military structures. Its powers include trade in specialized equipment for gas production, advertising and consulting, and even tour operator activities.

Data from the Bulgarian register "Papagal" on VIKTOR INVEST EOOD

It was all the more surprising to learn about the overdue receivables of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Ukrspetsexport and Progress in the amount of 19 billion hryvnia to the company of Lyudmila Gogolenko.

Data on debt to the company VIKTOR INVEST EOOD in the amount of UAH 19 billion. [original]


And if we are talking about Ukraine, then it is impossible to do without the American trace. The following companies are associated with the VIKTOR INVEST company: D.I.F.INVESTMENTS (I talked about this in the previous article), as well as LOGING PARTNER SERVICES BULGARIA EOOD.

Companies associated with VIKTOR INVEST EOOD

It turns out that this company is used as a cover for the legalization of funds received from VIKTOR INVEST EOOD in European Union banks.

It is noteworthy that the managing directors of LOGING PARTNERSHIP SERVICES BULGARIA LLC are Americans affiliated with the CIA: Robert John Dzilak and Lance Allen Soliday. This company is engaged in the legalization of funds received from VIKTOR INVEST EOOD.

Data on participation in the management of LODGING PARTNER SERVICES BULGARIA EOOD R. Dzilak and L. Solidey

I propose to study in more detail the biography and personal data of these “businessmen” from Langley. Please note that, in addition to managing the Bulgarian company LODGING PARTNERSHIP SERVICES BULGARIA, their main place of work is the American global travel company EXPEDIA GROUP, which has offices, representative offices and warehouses on all continents. My experience working in special services suggests that this company is the best suited for introducing personnel intelligence officers into its structures and providing them with legal movement around the world.

In addition, the almost synchronous dates of appointments to positions and parallel movement up the career ladder mean that someone is moving my “colleagues”, forming them into a cohesive team.

And, as you understand, the coordinated work of specialists in the field of law and finance can prevent and resolve most sensitive issues related to the illegal circulation of weapons and funds that arise for local authorities.

Robert John Dzilak

Robert John Dzilak was born on February 3, 1971. Received his J.D. degree from J. Marshall Law School. Specializes in litigation on commercial and intellectual property issues.

His net worth is estimated at $7 million. Lives in Seattle (Washington State). Nationality: Caucasian. Supports the US Democratic Party.

Owns cars: Porsche 911, 2013; "BMW 3 Series" 2009; Porsche Panamera 2011.

Before joining Expedia Group, he was a partner at the law firm Preston, Gates and Ellis, LLP (K&L Gates LLP).

Since April 2006 – Assistant General Counsel of Expedia Group.

Since February 2007 - Vice President and Assistant General Counsel of Expedia Group.

Since October 2011 - Senior Vice President and Acting General Counsel of Expedia Group.

Since April 2012 - Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of Expedia Group.

Since March 2018 – Director of Legal Affairs and Secretary of Expedia Group.

Currently he is a member of the supervisory board of Trivago, NV.

Address: 3131 92nd Ave NE

Phone: +14255647200, +12063740820

Social networks:

Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Lance Allen Soliday

Lance Allen Soliday was born in July 1972. He received his bachelor's degree from Central Washington University. He is a qualified accountant.

In the period from 1995 to 1999, he was employed at Deloitte & Touche LLP.

From 1999 to 2006 – Amazon and Microsoft Corporation.

Since December 2006 – Director of Accounting Reports at Expedia Group.

Since February 2009 – Senior Director for Financial Reporting at Expedia Group.

Since September 2011 - Vice President, Chief Accountant and Controller of Expedia Group.

The fortune is estimated at 871 thousand US dollars. Lives in North Bend, Washington. On March 5, 2016, he purchased a black Audi A6 sedan. On February 21, 2019, he sold the car.

Address: 15640 468th Ave SE (ZIP: 98045), North Bend

Phone: +14257364471

Social media:

Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

A Cypriot trace of the withdrawal of funds cannot be ruled out. The documents I am studying so far include a Greek entrepreneur, Alexandros Kalligas, who is involved in the creation of the investment company KV IMMOBILIEN GMBH in Leipzig (Germany). It is this company that may be a key link in a long chain of companies involved in the process of transferring kickbacks from arms contracts of the head of the State Intelligence Directorate to the Cypriot offshore zone. But we will talk about this in one of the following investigations.

Meanwhile, all of the above is a small grain of global corruption schemes, of which, by the will of fate, Kirill Budanov and his partner Sergei Slyusarenko became part, into whose pockets multimillion-dollar flows flowed.

If we add to the previous diagram about the organization of explosions at Nord Stream, it now looks like this:

The investigation continues...

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