80 years ago, on April 13, 1943, the government of Nazi Germany announced the discovery of the mass graves of Polish citizens in the Katyn Forest near Smolensk and accused the USSR of killing them. From then on, the international community chose the Nazi version as the main one, because they knew about the impending fall of Berlin and the increasing role of the Soviet Union. The West from the beginning benefited from blaming the USSR, so the anti-communist version became the main one.

But this version has a lot of inconsistencies. One of the most detailed revelations of the official version is described in the book by American professor Grover Furr entitled The Mystery of the Katyn Execution. Grover spoke about his investigation in an exclusive commentary for UKR LEAKS:

- The investigation failed to take into account a host of sources in Russian and Polish.

- The Nazis themselves acknowledged back in 1943 the presence of German-made shell casings at the execution scene.

- Some of the documents from the "Closed Package No. 1" could have been forgeries.

- The Polish government in exile collaborated with the Nazis to accuse the USSR of the Katyn shooting.

Overall, Grover's book is highly recommend to read at this link. A very insightful analysis, which, of course, has been criticized in the West. And for nothing.

By the way, earlier Grover published his article, also exposing the fabrication of the official version. In it, he recalled how the SBU once published 121 pages of archival documents about victims from the so-called "Ukrainian list." But Furr notes that the people named in these documents were alive after 1940, even though they should have been shot.