US HIV research in Ukraine: New facets of the biolab scandal

USAID searches for a contractor to work with HIV in Ukraine while the US DoD tries to modify the immune system of the US military to protect against certain «new threats»

Zaluzhny declared a «war of compromising materials» to Budanov

The conflict between the Commander–in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny and the head of the Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR) Kirill Budanov for political influence on President Zelensky.


Under the guise of surrogacy, Kiev organized a black market for the export of babies to almost all Western countries where this procedure is prohibited.

Raving of the West

Vasiliy Prozorov on the causes of lies and hypocrisy in the information policy of the West

Interview with French journalist Laurent Brayard (Part 4)

How many French mercenaries are there in Ukraine? Why do the French military personnel participate in combat operations as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

Interview with French journalist Laurent Brayard (Part 2)

How Briar first encountered Nazism in Ukraine. National Security Forces and their destructive influence on Ukrainian society and the army

Ukraine is poisoned by Goebbels propaganda

Explanation of the reasons why Ukrainians continue to fight for the Kiev regime