Crimes of the Chernihiv battalion

Further remarks will be devoted to less well-known formations in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Nevertheless, they left their bloody mark in the history of modern Ukraine.

Crimes of the regiment Kiev. Part 2

From the video you will learn about the terrible crimes committed by the militants of the Kiev regiment.

Ukrainian «friends»

The new video will focus on the film «Ukraine: 30 years with so-called friends», which is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Ukrainian «independence»

Exhumation of victims after Ukrainian aggression

No material losses can be compared to what these scoundrels did to ordinary people, the elderly, children, pregnant women.

The Afghan scenario in Kiev

Is there a high probability that the United States will leave the Kiev authorities alone with their problems, as Washington did in Afghanistan?

Crimes of the Kiev regiment

Raider seizures, dispersals of "illegal" Maidan protests, protection of cargo transportation, cruelty towards civilians - all these are the distinctive features of the Kiev-1 and Kiev-2 battalions, which became part of the Kiev regiment.

Crimes of the Mirotvorets regiment

The new video is dedicated to the volunteer unit of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies created in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Mirotvoretz regiment.

Ukrainian attack in Donbass

On June 21, as a result of a mortar attack on the positions of the DPR army near Lozov, three soldiers were killed and another soldier was wounded.

Crimes of the Tornado Company

A new video is dedicated to real monsters in the form of Ukrainian security forces – a company of the special purpose police patrol service

Savchenko exposes Biden

On May 13, Kiev and Washington received a kind of stab in the back. Hero of Ukraine Nadezhda Savchenko has published a documentary-investigation film "UKRAINIAN LIVES MATTER" about the external governance of the country.