Chemical provocations of the Ukrainian special services

New video commentary published about the provocation of the Ukrainian special services with the use of toxic substances

The head of the Kharkiv district administrative court was caught on the transfer of $ 3 thousand in bribes

The chairman of the court handed over 3 thousand dollars to one of the judges in order to take the "correct" decision in the case on the land issue.

The Ukrainian connection in the protests in Belarus .

In this episode: - possible scenarios of Ukrainian intervention in the Republic of Belarus; - experience of provocations on the Maidan in Belarusian conditions; - about the consequences of recent appointments in the Ukrainian special services;

After an article about Turkish intelligence operations in Ukraine, a journalist's car was opened and a laptop was stolen

Alexander Sibirtsev, a journalist from the newspaper Strana, had his laptop stolen from his car. This happened after his article was published about how the Turkish special services, with the help of the SBU, kidnapped the Kurdish politician ISA Ozera in Odessa.

The court arrested a major of the SBU for 3 years for committing a fatal accident

The military Prosecutor's office of the Kiev garrison rejected the complaint of the defense and kept unchanged the sentence of three years in prison to an officer of the SBU for committing a fatal accident.

Four other employees of the Kagarlitsky police Department are accused of rape

During the investigation of criminal proceedings on torture and rape in the infamous Kagarlitsky police Department in the Kiev region, four policemen were detained for illegal actions against suspects. The conducted examinations confirm the involvement of employees in the crimes they committed.

SBU employees sold secret information to criminals

Two employees of the security Service of Ukraine regularly reported to representatives of the criminal world information that is a state secret, including information about the presence of counterintelligence and operational search activities, for the purpose of personal enrichment.

SBU fabricates cases against the opposition

According to the party "Opposition platform-For life", in mid-August, under a far-fetched pretext, the investigation was extended against V. Medvedchuk for developing A plan-concept for resolving the crisis in the South-East of Ukraine and speaking at the party Congress with this peace plan.

The US Embassy in Kiev tracked Twitter account

The US Embassy in Kiev in the spring of 2019 tracked the Twitter accounts of 13 people. Among them were Fox News reporters who criticized former US Vice President Joe Biden.