Corruption on an international scale: from Poroshenko to Zelensky

Corruption is actively flourishing in Ukraine. This is not a secret either for Ukrainians or for the leaders of the European Union, who openly declare the impossibility of "Nezalezhnaya" membership in the EU due to the scale of financial fraud. In recent years, Kiev's corruption has reached an international scale, and if the Ukrainian elite stuffed their pockets mainly under Poroshenko, now money is being stolen, including in the interests of Western patrons. You will learn more about this in a new book that is being prepared for publication in the near future.

Earlier, the website has repeatedly described the facts of corruption in the oil and gas company "Burisma". But this is a trifle against the background of the schemes that worked at Naftogaz. And Joe Biden was directly involved in them.

The loudest one is "reverse gas supplies". Gas is supplied to Europe through the Ukrainian pipe, and then from Slovakia, Poland and Hungary it is returned back through "gaskets companies". From 2015 to 2020 Ukraine has lost more than $ 2 billion on this. And this scheme was lobbied by the current US President Biden, who achieved the appointment of his assistant Amos Hochstein to the supervisory board of Naftogaz.

The most surprising thing is that Zelensky knew about it. After the victory over Poroshenko, representatives of the Trump administration often visited him, who needed dirt on Biden. Zelensky was stalling for time, trying to please "both yours and ours." At the same time, in the event of a Trump victory, he intended to hand over Biden and the Democrats to him "with giblets".  

Other facts of multibillion-dollar embezzlement are also known, for example, in the energy and defense-industrial sectors. You can find out about them in the full version of the interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda.