Interview with the French "Les Crises". Part 1

In this part of the interview, we discussed:
- The main interests of the United States in Ukraine.
- Why Poroshenko made a bid for the democratic party of the United States.
- How Poroshenko discredited Paul Manafort in favor of the Democratic party.


- Can you explain to us, please, why the USA is so interested in Ukraine?

- First of all, the United States of America needs Ukraine as a bridgehead in the fight against Russia. Of course, this is the most important, most serious factor. The Americans were behind the Maidan in Kiev they invested big money in this project . Of course, they took control of Ukraine. Exactly from this point of view, they needed a bridgehead in close proximity to Russia. Well, then we must not forget such accompanying factors as the transit position of the country, this affects the economy, also the attempts of American business to actively, let's say, get into the territory of Ukraine. This applies, for example, to Ukrainian black soil, which the Nazis took out in trains during the Second World War, and it also concerns the reserves of natural minerals. The same is for shale gas, many American corporations participated in its development. Well at least they tried. And you know that children of some US officials took part in the work of such companies in one way or another. I'm talking about Hunter Biden and Paul Pelosi, the former is the son of the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. Of course, the main factor is the use of Ukraine as a bridgehead in the fight against Russia.

- According to your documents, you say that Poroshenko relied on the Democrats three years ago. Why?

- Look, the Maidan happened during the period when the Democrat Barack Obama was the President of the United States. Exactly during the leadership of the Democratic party, huge money was invested in reformatting Ukraine into what it is now. The representatives of the Democratic Party in the United States administration were key supporters of today's Ukraine and provided all kinds of assistance, such as military, political, diplomatic, and financial. Naturally, Poroshenko and his entourage are not stupid – they understood perfectly that if there was no support, their rule could end very quickly. Therefore, they did everything to ensure that this support continued, because, the Republican Trump, who could come to the top position in the United States, could deprive them of this support. Naturally, in this situation, the entire Ukrainian establishment has relied on Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

- Then what is Poroshenko's strategy to achieve this goal?

You know, what they wrote on Facebook and Twitter in support of Hillary Clinton and sling mud at Donald Trump, could not affect the election campaign in the United States. They took two paths. They provided financial assistance to Hillary Clinton in the election campaign. And with their help an operation was carried out to discredit Paul Manafort.

- What Manafort was doing in Ukraine and for how long?

He worked for a long time in Ukraine as a political strategist. In 2006 and 2007, he already worked with the Party of Regions of Viktor Yanukovych in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada, and he worked directly with Viktor Yanukovych in 2010 during the presidential elections. By the way, even after the revolution of dignity, as it is called in Kiev, after the Maidan, Manafort did not curtail his activities in Ukraine, and he closed his office only in 2016, when he decided to participate in Trump's election campaign.