This is what Czech counterintelligence should report to Milos Zeman #16

Czech President Milos Zeman demanded that his counterintelligence service provide a list  of Russian intelligence officers working in the country, their informants, as well as specific details of the subversive operations that Russia allegedly carries out against the Czech Republic. Probably unfounded accusations in the style of "highly likely" annoying experienced European politician.
At the same time, Czech counterintelligence has something to report to its leadership. But this will be a report not about Russia, but about the facts of Ukrainian interference in the internal Affairs of the Czech Republic.

In the new episode:

- Czech special services escalate anti-russian rhetoric;

- SBU operations aimed at disinformation of the Czech special services about the actions of the Russian Federation;

- plans of the Ukrainian command to arrest a journalist from the Czech Republic.

Unfortunately, this is the reality of Western countries - not to see the obvious, and always repeate about Russian intervention.

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Today I have chosen a very, in my opinion, interesting topic for my regular video.
And we can say - straight from the tin.

Czech President Milos Zeman demanded from his counterintelligence BIS (Security and Information Service) to provide the head of state with a list of Russian intelligence officers working in the country, as well as their informants from among Czech citizens.

Zeman is also interested in the specific details of the subversive operations allegedly carried out by the Russian special services against the Czech Republic. In the opinion of both Czech and foreign media, such a request from the president was caused by the fact that the Czech special services began to talk too much about the activation of the Russian special services.
And to speak without any concrete facts.

The constant escalation of anti-Russian rhetoric by the Czech special services allegedly caused Milos Zeman's discontent.
The result was his demand. In order not to be unfounded, I remind you that in December 2018, the BIS of the Czech Republic published an annual report, which notes that in 2017 Russia has strengthened its intelligence activities in the country.

The report, among other things, said that last year "Russian spies" not only received information, but also tried to directly influence the events taking place in the Czech Republic.

According to the BIS, such actions of the Russian special services are part of a hybrid strategy directed against NATO and the European Union and are aimed at the internal weakening of these interstate associations through the weakening of individual members.

The Czech counterintelligence listed the methods used by the Russian side, among which were named ... information warfare and disinformation.

Again. The head of Czech counterintelligence accuses Russia of spreading disinformation. And this, in his opinion, among other things, leads to the weakening of not only the Czech Republic, but the EU as a whole.

Honestly, at this point I smiled frankly. After all, I immediately remembered my investigation HOISTED WITH THEIR OWN PETARD: UKRAINE'S INFLUENCE OPERATIONS AGAINST EUROPE. Part 2 In this investigation, I provided several documents that clearly testified that the Security Council of Ukraine carried out special operations aimed at misinforming the Czech special services about Russia's actions, primarily in the Donbas.

For this, the SBU even substituted its agents for recruiting Czech intelligence officers. It is not surprising that, absorbing the information that was prepared for them in the Security Council of Ukraine, the Czech special services found themselves in a fictional world, where only Kremlin agents were around.

Well, what else could the Kiev curators put into the mouths of their agents, in particular the agent "Skif" of the Department for the Protection of National Statehood of the SBU?

On the other hand, the voice of truth about the events in Donbass is drowned out sharply and uncompromisingly, even if a journalist from the Czech Republic tries to convey it.

Now I would like to remind you of Miroslav Karras, a journalist for Czech Television. Who, covering the events in ATO, dared to express an opinion different from the official position of Kiev. For this, he came to the attention of the Security Council of Ukraine, which planned a number of sanctions against him, up to deprivation of accreditation and detention.

But in these cases, the Czech special services did not declare that the Security Council of Ukraine was engaged in disinformation and information war against the Czech Republic.

Surprising, of course, is the one-sidedness and blinkeredness of employees of the Czech special services. And with this in mind, it looks quite natural to demand from President Zeman  to disclose true information about the activities of the Russian special services.

In my opinion, no reliable information will be provided to him. They will confine themselves to a lengthy report, which will contain many words and few facts. In turn, there will be no talk about reliably known facts of disinformation of the Czech special services by Ukraine.

Unfortunately, this is the reality of Western countries.

Not seeing the obvious while repeating the mantras about Russian intervention.

Vasily Prozorov was with you.

We will continue to expose the criminal activities of the new Kiev government, including against Western countries.

We still have many interesting revelations ahead.