Crimes of the Ukrainian Security Forces against civilians and foreigners #15

New video is about the crimes of the Kiev regime against its own people. It will show specific facts of looting and other crimes committed by Ukrainian military personnel.

In the new episode:
- lawlessness of the Ukrainian security forces;
- SBU officers kidnap people;
- Ukrainian soldiers robbed an Indian citizen.

Crimes should not be forgotten, and it is necessary to remind about them. 
"Impunity leads to the resurgence."


Hello, this is Vasily Prozorov. In today's video, I will continue to talk about the crimes of the Kiev regime against its own people. And with this video, I want to open a whole new cycle. It will deal with specific facts of looting and other crimes committed by the Ukrainian military.

Today I will present to your attention two documents. Absolutely different, written by different people and even structures, at different times. But they have one thing in common - they speak in plain text about the lawlessness that representatives of the power structures of Ukraine were doing in Donbass. So, let's begin.

The first document was prepared by the then head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Gennady Moskal in the fall of 2014. Gennady Moskal is a very prominent person on the Ukrainian political horizon. You can list for a long time his regalia and positions that he held in his time. It is difficult to reproach Mr. Moskal for sympathizing with the pro - Russian citizens of Ukraine. Remember how he became famous at the beginning of the new Ukrainian history?

It was Moskal who posted publicly the documents on the planned activities of the security forces to disperse the Maidan. Many employees got real problems because of the publication of their names by Moskal.

But back in fall 2014. On October 18, President of Ukraine Poroshenko appointed Moskal as head of the Luhansk regional administration. By the way, it was located in the city of Severodonetsk. And already on October 28, Moskal makes a written statement to the head of the Security Council of Ukraine Valentin Nalyvaichenko. In his appeal, he directly points out that residents of the Luhansk region suffer from lawlessness from the side of the SBU officers, who openly kidnap people.

You can imagine what layer of information about crimes on the part of the security forces fell on the head of the new head of the Regional State Administration, if, a few days after taking office, he asks the SBU Chairman to remind his employees that they are obliged to comply with the law ...

This short document very clearly characterizes the situation which developed in the area of ​​the so-called ATO in the fall of 2014. In general, the summer-autumn of 2014 in Ukraine is probably the most terrible period in the modern history of Donbass.

Months of absolute lawlessness, chaos and lawlessness. But now let's move on to my second document. It is dated March 2016. At that time, the front line had stabilized, relative order had been restored in the territory of Donbass controlled by Ukraine. But that's exactly what is only relative.

And here's a prime example. This is the official appeal of the Indian Embassy to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. It is about how in broad daylight Ukrainian servicemen took away 72 thousand hryvnias from an Indian citizen in broad daylight at the railway station in the city of Artemovsk (now Bakhmut).

It was no coincidence that I chose this particular document out of many hundreds of evidence of the lawlessness of the security forces. Just think, if the Ukrainian military did not hesitate to rob a foreigner in broad daylight  what did they do with the locals? I'm afraid you, even in your wildest fantasies, cannot imagine this. And I hope you don’t have to experience it by your own example.

But we shouldn't forget about it either. Therefore, I will remind you of this.

Because the crime must not go unpunished. As one of my mentors said,
"Impunity leads to the resurgence." Vasily Prozorov was with you.


Valentin Nalyvaichenko

Gennady Moskal