Ukrainian «friends»

The new video will focus on the film "Ukraine: 30 years with so-called friends", which is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Ukrainian "independence". It describes in detail the relations of the Kiev authorities with countries that, in their opinion, are friends of the "Nezalezhnaya". The film clearly demonstrates all the foreign policy "achievements":

Strained relations with Poland due to the Kiev politicians praise of the nationalist militants of the OUN-UPA.

The lack of a compromise with Hungary due to the ban on teaching children in their native language in Transcarpathia.

Territorial disputes with Romania over the island of Zmeiny, as well as the language policy of Kiev.

Ukraine managed to quarrel with Slovakia over gas supplies.

Termination of profitable cooperation with Belarus due to joining the Western sanctions against Minsk.

Relations with Moldova were damaged due to the abduction of Judge Chaus by the Ukrainian special services.

And there are also a number of contradictions with the United States, China, Lithuania, Estonia and other countries.

The creators of the film did not ignore the internal problems of Ukraine. So, since 1990, only two countries have failed to raise their GDP - Ukraine and Georgia. By the way Ukraine has brought it down by 36 percent. In addition, the country's population, which in 1991 numbered almost 52 million, is now estimated by some experts at 36 million.


An interesting investigation caught my eye on YouTube.

Just in time for the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's independence, it was posted on the Brussels Press Club TV channel. I will give a link to the video in the description of the replica.

I really liked the material itself.

The creators of the video with numbers in their hands show that since 1990, only two countries have managed not to raise their GDP: Ukraine and Georgia. Moreover, Ukraine has brought down its GDP by 36 percent. And now many people call the country the new banana republic, which sells grain, iron ore and slag, and whose citizens are scattered all over the world. The population of the country, which in 1991 numbered almost 52 million, is now estimated by some experts at 36 million.

At the same time, the Ukrainian oligarchs managed to increase their well-being even in the covid 2020 year, spitting on the problem of ordinary people and how the country looks on the external arena.

And Kiev's foreign policy affairs did not work out. The creators of the investigation conducted an analysis of the foreign policy activities of Ukraine and the mistakes of the post-Maidan authorities. After all, on the one hand, Kiev is trumpeting at all corners that the whole world is with them and they are surrounded by only friends, except, of course, evil Russia.

But in this video, they point out in detail that Kiev managed to spoil relations with each of its neighbors, as well as with Lithuania and the United States.

And it was done intentionally, in pursuit of its own goals. It seems that the Kiev authorities have lost awareness of reality, feeling themselves simply cooler and higher than everyone else. Therefore, Kiev considers it possible to spit on the peculiarities of the approach to neighbors, talk through the lip with trading partners and openly spoil relations with sponsors.

And then, when there are diplomatic scandals, trade turnover falls or there is a threat of lawsuits for non-fulfillment of contracts, in Kiev they make a puzzled face and are surprised: "And what about us?".

Yes, for this very thing.

Poland. For a long time she was a lawyer of Ukraine in the European Union. But Kiev relies on praising the nationalist militants of the OUN-UPA, who tainted themselves with the mass murders of Poles during the Second World War. In Poland, these events are called genocide. The Polish Foreign Minister said bluntly: you will not enter the EU with Bandera. But Kiev frankly did not care about this.

Hungary. A knife in the back-this is how the Hungarian Foreign Minister described the Ukrainian law on education, which deprived national minorities of the right to teach their children in their native language. The outraged Transcarpathian Hungarians are threatened on the one hand by nationalist elements, on the other by the SBU.

Romania. There are also conflicts with the Romanian diaspora due to the language laws of Kiev, in addition, the situation is fueled by the situation around the island of Zmeiny, because of which Ukraine even sued Romania in the international court of Justice in 2009. As a result, the shelf around the island went to Romania. Together with huge potential deposits of oil and gas.

Slovakia. It was with the help of Slovakia that Ukraine began to carry out reverse gas supplies, when Gazprom's blue fuel, getting into Slovakia, returned to Ukraine as European. I will add on my own that it was on this scheme that Ukrainian and foreign corrupt officials earned billions of dollars. It would seem that you should live and rejoice, especially since since 2019 the reverse of the energy carrier has become virtual in general, i.e. it has not even been delivered to Slovakia. Ukraine simply took away gas during transit through its territory. But no, Kiev also managed to spoil relations here by suing the Slovak gas transporter, accusing it of collusion with Gazprom. The Slovaks considered Poroshenko's refusal to take part in the security conference in Bratislava in 2015 a personal insult, and at first he confirmed his arrival and even a speech, but then canceled it, without explaining the reasons.

Lithuania. It has always been Ukraine's closest ally. But Ukraine has demonstrated how to betray friends. When Lithuania, concerned about the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant, asked Ukraine not to buy electricity from Minsk, Kiev pretended that it did not hear the request. And even after the rupture of relations with the official Minsk, he continued to buy Belarusian electricity.

Belarus. Since 2014, Belarus and Ukraine have been close economic partners for 6 years. Minsk sold Ukrainian goods to Russia under the guise of Belarusian ones. The trade turnover between the two countries amounted to about $ 5 billion. However, in 2020, Kiev refused to recognize the elections in Belarus, joining Western countries, and after May 2021, it banned flights of its aircraft to Belarus and Belarusian planes to Ukraine.

Moldova. Under Poroshenko, Ukraine lifted sanctions on some enterprises in Transnistria that belonged to Poroshenko's business partner, Plahotniuc, which caused serious outrage in Moldova. And of course, the sensational story of the abduction of Judge Chaus by the Ukrainian special services on the territory of Moldova has greatly damaged relations between the two countries.

Here, the Ukrainian government has been noted in several key scandals. These are the imprisonment of D. Trump's political adviser Paul Manafort, the visits of Trump's personal lawyer R. Giuliani to Ukraine for compromising material on D. Biden, scandals about Biden's telephone conversations with Poroshenko and Zelensky, and of course the "case" of Hunter Biden.

In addition, some politicians in Kiev began to explicitly hint at possible cooperation with China, and the United States declared China a threat to its interests No. 1.

China. Well, everything is clear here – the scandal with the MotorSich. As the creators of the investigation said, Ukraine scored a brilliant goal.

The culmination of Kiev's stupid actions was Zelensky's speech at the summit in Batumi, where he directly blackmailed the EU and the United States, demanding guarantees for Ukraine's accession to the EU.

And the head of the ruling Servant of the People party, D. Arahamiya, begins to blackmail the world with the creation of nuclear weapons.

And we also need to add something that was not included in the film.

Deterioration of relations with Germany. Moreover, representatives of Ukraine openly accuse Angela Merkel of betraying the interests of Ukraine, not realizing that they are insulting the German side by this.

Well, Estonia. Who was also a lawyer of Ukraine in the EU. After the words of the President of Estonia about Kersti Kaljulaid that it is not worth investing in the country, she was also recorded as an enemy

Summing up the results of watching the video study, I want to say. In general, Western experts agree that the actions of the current authorities in Kiev are just clowning. For 30 years, all the elected leaders have led the country into the abyss. And having a fairly high potential in foreign affairs, the Kiev authorities managed to spoil relations with all their neighbors and partners, turning the country into a toxic resource from which everyone is trying to distance themselves.

Such a review from representatives of Europe, in my opinion, indicates that the situation in Kiev is very bad. Never before has the West allowed itself to draw such conclusions.

Comments, as they say, are unnecessary.


Joe Biden – President of the United States;

Vladimir Zelensky - President of Ukraine;

Petro Poroshenko - the former President of Ukraine;

Hunter Biden is an American lawyer and businessman, the son of US President Joe Biden, a member of the Board of the Burisma Group Holding (since 04.2014);