Volunteer Battalion Anthology

In previous remarks we have already touched upon the topic of the crimes of the Ukrainian security forces during the ATO. Today we would like to announce a whole cycle of materials dedicated to various volunteer units of the power structures of Ukraine, the so-called volunteer batallions (dobrobats).

Among them - "Azov", "Dnipro", "Shakhtersk", later "Tornado", "Aydar", "Battalion named after Kulchitsky", "Donbass", "Right Sector" and others. 


Greetings, my dear friends. In my previous remarks, I raised the topic of specific facts of crimes by the security forces of Ukraine during the ATO. Today I would like to announce a series of materials that directly intersect with the topic of war crimes.
Such a kind of mini-encyclopedia about a variety of volunteer units of the power structures of Ukraine, the so-called dobrobats.

I want to make a reservation right away: I had to closely intersect with some divisions. With some, no. Somewhere I have a lot of interesting documents, somewhere - only personal impressions and experience. Let me remind you once again that I conducted several rotations in the ATO during 2014, and one rotation each in 2015 and 2017. It was in 2014 and 2015 that I came into direct contact with the volunteers. I will dwell on this in more detail.

Azov. I had to closely intersect, visited their base in the village of Urzuf on the shore of the Azov Sea. During two rotations in Mariupol, I heard a lot, saw their crimes with my own eyes, besides, I have a number of documentary materials. "Dnieper". Perhaps, with this dobrobat most of all intersected. During the rotation of the summer of 2014, on the territory of the Mariupol airport, my group was accommodated next to them. I met with almost all the leaders of the battalion, including the notorious Vladimir Parasyuk. I saw a lot with my own eyes, in addition I have a number of documents confirming their criminal activities.

Shakhtersk, later Tornado. I crossed paths with this division several times in the summer of 2014, when it was still called Shakhtersk. Moreover, some intersections were extremely negative, for example, associated with the rape and murder of young girls in Mariupol. I personally crossed paths with "Tornado" only once, in winter 2015 in Lisichansk. I know a lot about these units, I've seen a lot with my own eyes, besides, I have a number of documents.

"Aydar". I crossed paths with the unit a few times, since I had only one rotation in the Luhansk region. But once I was at their base in Polovinkino, heard and saw something about the internal affairs of the unit and its attitude towards local residents. Since this unit, due to its activities, attracted close attention of other power structures of Ukraine, I have accumulated a fairly large amount of documents on the activities of this battalion. Battalion named after Kulchitsky. I crossed paths with them back in the spring of 2014 near

Slavyansk. There were practically no documents written during that period, so I can only tell you about what I saw with my own eyes. Donbass. Did not intersect with this battalion. I have only a number of documents revealing the activities of this dobrobat.

"Right sector". Did not intersect. However, the activities of these "warriors of light" are so odious that they were covered in detail in the official documents of the SBU and the National Police. And I also have a number of such documents. Other divisions, such as "Golden Gate", "Peacemaker", "Kievan Rus", "Storm" and others. Honestly, they crossed very little, so I won't even pre-announce something about them.

If you are interested in any specific topic about these units - write to me by mail. I will try to highlight the issues of interest to you using documents or personal experience.

Vasily Prozorov was with you. Expect my remarks on this topic.