Crimes of the Dnipro battalion. Part II

Today's video ia about Dnipro battalion again. Vasily Prozorov had to cross paths most of all with this battalion. During the second rotation to the area of the anti-terrorist operation in Mariupol, his group was located on the territory of the airport, where the soldiers of this unit were located in the waiting room of the terminal.

In the new video:

- robberies, murders, tortures, "safari for people", as well as other crimes of the battalion soldiers;

- the role of dobrobat in the illegal seizure of commercial enterprises;

- conflicts of " Dnepr "with divisions of power structures of Ukraine.

The Dnipro Regiment is a classic punitive unit known for its brutality. Its fighters are involved in a mass of crimes – looting, extortion, murder, cruel torture of ordinary citizens of Ukraine. The crimes of the battalion's militants are reflected even in the reports of international organizations.


Good afternoon!

It happened that it was with the Dnipro battalion that I had to cross paths most of all. During my second rotation to the area of the anti-terrorist operation in Mariupol, my group was located on the territory of the airport, where the Dnipro battalion was located in the waiting room of the terminal.

Therefore, every day I was in contact with the leadership of the unit, and with ordinary soldiers. Fighters of "Dnepr" committed a lot of crimes against ordinary residents of Mariupol and the region. Robberies, illegal imprisonment, extortion, and beatings have become commonplace. People were detained for expressing a pro-Russian position, for criticizing the Kiev authorities and the Maidan.

As an example, here is a document that I wrote on July 16, 2014. I then released from the" library "a resident of Mariupol, whom" Dnepr " detained for the fact that in his car, on the rearview mirror, hung a St. George ribbon. The man sat in the refrigerator compartment in the airport terminal for several days, until the employees of my group checked him on the records of the SBU.

It is worth dwelling on such a circumstance. The battalion's fighters were actively used in capturing the region's lucrative industries. Dnepropetrovsk businessmen, primarily Kolomoisky, actively tried to penetrate the economy of the region, which previously belonged to the Donetsk clans.

Therefore, the Dnipro militants carried out forceful seizures of various enterprises, both legal and illegal. For example, it was with the help of "Dnepr" that Dnepropetrovsk businessmen tried to take control of the fishing business, illegal gambling establishments, even the stable of the former President of Ukraine Yanukovich, which contained several elite horses worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Later, in the fall of 2014, it was "Dnepr" that covered the activities of Dnepropetrovsk businessmen, who massively dug up the remains of Soviet irrigation systems in the fields of the Azov region. This looting on the Soviet heritage gave fabulous profits to merchants. Well, a small part fell to the militants.

The fighters of the battalion did not forget themselves. I witnessed how convoys of elite cars, simply assembled in the parking lots of Mariupol, Novoazovsk, and other localities, were sent to Dnepropetrovsk under the escort of "Dnepr" pickups. "Pressed" cars were resold in Dnepropetrovsk through a network of illegal dealers. Yes, and in Mariupol, there was often a picture when the fighters of "Dnepr" rode in an expensive SUV, hanging the numbers "Dnepr-1" or "PTN-PNH".

And it was from the militants of the Dnipro battalion that I learned about the so-called "safari for people". Yes, you heard right. In July 2014, part of the battalion was transferred to the area of the village of Peski in the suburbs of Donetsk. There was a line of contact between Ukrainian forces and militia units. And now the positions of "Dnepr" began to periodically visit rich businessmen from Dnepropetrovsk, passionate lovers of hunting. The official reason for visiting Dobrobat was to provide sponsorship to the unit. Businessmen brought expensive thermal imagers, sights,and communications equipment to Dnipro . In return, they were given a sniper hunt-they were taken to the front lines, where businessmen, using personal, expensive rifles, killed civilians in Donetsk.

Of course, this information was not distributed in the broad circles of the battalion, but, as I have already said – I communicated with many of the battalion's fighters, including among the leadership. Very talkative in this regard was Parasyuk, who never tired of bragging about his "exploits" on the Maidan. At the same time, it should be noted that during any serious events, such as seizures, Parasyuk tried to stay behind other fighters and preferred to beat people already packed in handcuffs.

A classic example of the" work "of the" Dnipro " with the local population during the capture is shown in this video. And I do not raise questions about the professionalism of the "capture group".

Another terrible moment in my life is connected with the Dnipro battalion. In August 2014, the counterintelligence department of the Mariupol department of the SBU, headed by Colonel Alexander Kharaberyush, detained a group of DPR underground fighters. I managed to warn some of them, but not others. The detainees were brought to the "library", where they were tortured to extract information from them.

On one of the days, the SBU interrogated a local resident, a man of 40 years old. Unfortunately, I didn't know his first and last name. When I came to the "library" he had broken fingers on his hands, broken periosteum on both legs and damaged internal organs-the body was beaten with plastic bottles of water. Sorry for the detail, the man had even wet himself by that time, but remained silent.

And then Kharaberyush turned to the specialists of Dnipro for help. And they showed what they were taught by specialists from Israel – waterboarding. I will not describe in detail the mechanism of this torture. I will say that the punishers got their way and broke that man. But I confess that I could not have endured half the tortures he endured.

Vova Bogonis, Vitalik Feshchenko-do you remember this? I haven't forgotten anything. And your boundless affairs-Sasha "prosecutor". And all your "twin brothers". And I am sure that sooner or later we will meet again and you will be rewarded for all your crimes.

But back to the battalion.

In August 2014, part of the battalion took part in the battle of Ilovaisk. He commanded a group of the battalion deputy.battalion commander Slava Pechenenko, call sign "Colonel". In Ilovaisk, "Dnepr" suffered serious losses, some of the fighters were captured. Part of the fighters led by Pechenenko managed to escape from the encirclement.

After the losses in Ilovaisk, many militants left the battalion. As in the case of "Azov", many were brave only with civilians. Having got into a situation where they are also shot at, many volunteers chose not to continue serving in the unit, finding themselves in various nationalist structures away from the front. And some on the wave of popularity of dobrobats managed to get into politics. So, the former commander of "Dnepr" Yuriy Bereza and the odious Vladimir Parasyuk became People's Deputies of Ukraine.

The battalion continued its activities. Part of it since August 2014 was on the front line in the area of Sand near Donetsk. The other part is in Mariupol.

In February 2015, "Dnepr" participated in the battles in the area of Shyrokyne. Where he also suffered losses.

In these areas, the fighters were noted for looting in the homes of local residents, protecting and organizing smuggling channels through the front line. Periodically, actions in this area came into conflict with other units of law enforcement agencies. And it sometimes came to conflicts.

For example, in February 2015, a criminal group that included a soldier of the Dnipro regiment, Denis Gordeev, stopped three trucks that were carrying contraband from the DPR to Ukraine. The trucks were accompanied by an employee of the Prosecutor's Office and an employee of the SBU, Captain Viktor Mandzik. During the conflict, Gordeev shot an employee of the SBU. It is noteworthy that the machine gun from which Captain Mandzik was shot was registered with the Dnipro regiment and was written off after the fighting in Ilovaisk.

In August 2015, the Dnipro-1 regiment was finally withdrawn from the first front line in the Mariupol and Donetsk directions. And since 2016, the Dnipro regiment has been responsible for law and order in Dnepropetrovsk, periodically traveling on rotation to Marinka, Donetsk region, as well as to areas of Ukraine with an unstable situation – for example, the regiment's units were involved during attempts to take control of the situation with illegal amber mining in the so - called "Burshtinnaya Republic" - parts of Zhytomyr, Rivne and Volyn regions, where amber is illegally mined.

Since April 2014, according to official data, the special purpose patrol police regiment "Dnepr" has lost 37 people killed.

Here is a brief history of this division. The Dnipro regiment is a classic punitive unit that has been tainted by a mass of crimes – looting, extortion, murder and used by commercial structures in raiding.

Stay tuned. We will continue to talk about the crimes of the Ukrainian authorities against their own people.