Interview with the French "Les Crises". Part 7

In this part of the interview we discussed:

- Other examples of Ukrainian interference in the United States. Poroshenko, BGR Group and Kurt Volker.
- Why do the US media deny Ukrainian interference?


- What do you know about George Kent? What do you think of him?

- I don't know him in person. Of course I've heard a lot about him. He played a role in advancing American interests in Ukraine and his testimony at the congressional hearings confirms this.

- Do you have any other examples of Ukraine's interference in American politics?

- For example, Petro Poroshenko used the lobbyist company BGR Group, have you heard about this?

- Which one?

- BGR Group. After Trump's victory the Ukrainian authorities was naturally catastrophically low in the eyes of the US leadership. In order to improve the image, Petro Poroshenko hired the BGR group, which has close ties in the Republican Party. What is noteworthy, after some time, an employee of the BGR group, Kurt Volker, known to you, became the special representative of the State Department for Ukraine. He recently announced at a hearing, that he did this work on a voluntary basis. But, knowing that before that he was an employee of a lobbying firm, somehow it’s really hard to believe in this. You can add that Kurt Volcker, being a special representative of the State Department in fact, promoted the interests of Ukraine in the American establishment, and not the interests of the United States.

- You can say that Volker is a Ukrainian agent in the USA?

- I believe you can.

- Can we now return to the son of Nancy Pelosi, what was his role?

- I am thinking of making a separate investigation specifically on the penetration of American business into, say, the territory of Ukraine, and show you all the details. In the meantime, this is my secret.

-We can say that in America there is a fear about the influence of Russia in Ukraine, and not only in Ukraine. But the Democrats got into a real paranoia that Putin is everywhere and even Nancy Pilosi said that Putin is everywhere. What do you think about this?

- First of all, it was not Putin or the Russian special services that forced Ukrainian politicians to post messages on Facebook and Twitter, which sowed mud at Trump. It was not the Russian side that forced Sergei Leshchenko to make accusatory statements against Paul Manafort, and it was not Putin who handed over the “Granary Book” of the Party of Regions to NABU. I understand that paranoia is very strong in American society. You will notice that an ordinary election campaign turns into just some kind of internecine war. Thank God, there no casualties yet, but I do not exclude that they may appear, because you heard the other day Rudolph Giuliani said that if something happens to him, his compromising evidence will be published. Do you understand that the degree of hysteria in USA has already reached the level when the leading players are starting to fear for their lives? What does Russian interference have to do with it, it's hard to say that nobody is forcing them to make these statements.

- What do you think when you see that the United States generally denies Ukrainian interference and when, on the contrary, they talk about Russian interference? What do you think about such media activity?

- Again, who benefits from burying this topic, of course, they will say that there was no interference, and accordingly, those who would benefit from raising this topic for a broad discussion, of course, they will raise this topic and bring it up. Everything can really be done here quite simply. As Yuriy Lutsenko said in his article, just create a joint investigation team of the United States and Ukraine, and then much of what is being said in Mass Media will immediately become the materials of a criminal case.