Interview with the French "Les Crises". Part 5

In this part of the interview, we discussed:
- Alexandra Chalupa's role in the operation.
- How Fusion GPS was involved in the operation.
- On the financing of Clinton from the IMF through the banks of Ukraine.
- Lithuanian banks and Derkach's documents.


- Back to the intervention. What was Chalupa's role?

- Alexandra Chalupa was a non-state branch of this operation to discredit Manafort. According to my information, she passed instructions on the collection of compromising evidence to the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States and through them further to the territory of Ukraine. In other words, she was in direct contact with Valery Chaly and Andrey Telizhenko, which, by the way, they have repeatedly stated in their interviews.

- Fusion GPS, what was that?

- Fusion GPS, a non-governmental investigative organization that was also tasked with collecting compromising information on Paul Manafort. Nellie Ohr, who was involved in this, who directly contacted Sergey Leshchenko in Ukraine, was the wife of Bruce Ohr, one of the heads of the FBI, who, by the way, has repeatedly stated that he was an ardent opponent of Donald trump, that is, this is another branch of this multi-way operation.

- Again?

- Her husband, Bruce Ohr, is an FBI Executive and a justice Department official. Nellie Ohr in Ukraine is in direct contact with people involved in the collection compromising information, and she was in contact with Sergei Leshchenko. By the way, as far as I know, she testified about this at congressional hearings, where she mentioned her contacts with Sergey Leshchenko.

- About funding of the Clinton campaign from Ukraine?

- As I wrote in my investigation, we can say this is the second element of the Ukrainian government's support for Hillary Clinton in the election. The first one is the search for compromising material against the enemy, the second is the financing of the election campaign. What is the interest, what are the nuances of this scheme? The fact that the funding came from money actually stolen from the country's budget and money stolen from the tranches of the international monetary Fund. It so happened that the IMF tranches were also used to improve the states’ banking sector. And the national Bank of Ukraine allocated part of the money to support banking structures in Ukraine, including two banks – “Credit Dnipro” and “Delta Bank”. These banks are closely linked, as I have shown in my investigation, to the oligarch Viktor Pinchuk. The money from these banks went through the Austrian Meinl Bank and a chain of offshore companies, laundered and returned to the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. And then the Victor Pinchuk Foundation diverted them to the Clinton Foundation in 2015-2016, the time of Hillarys’ preparation for the election campaign. You understand that such a scheme, especially with the theft of money from the international monetary Fund cannot be effected without the head of national Bank Valeria Gontareva, no Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and, of course, without a President Petro Poroshenko. In total, as far as I know, about $ 25 million was transferred to the Clinton Foundation between 2015 and 2016, if I am not mistaken.

- Are there Lithuanian banks in this scheme, can you tell us about it?

- The documents that were recently provided by Ukrainian MP Andrey Derkach can answer your question. It so happened that he indirectly confirmed a lot of what I indicated in my investigation. Now I don't even need to make a fuss and show supporting evidence, thanks to Andrey Derkach. Thus, it can be said that he saved me from the need to highlight my sources in Ukraine. He provided quite a large amount of documents, including the ones that show money transaction through Latvian banks.