The people of Poroshenko suggested that I tell the story of the snipers on the Maidan as an invention of the Kremlin," - a Georgian officer

Former Avaza elite military unit commander Tristan Tsitelashvili said in an interview on the 19 talk show on ZIK that the Ukrainian authorities tried to convince him to make a statement that the story of the Georgian snipers who fired on the protesters on February 20 is artifice.

Tsitelashvili named specific names of people who, according to him, offered him money on behalf of ex-president of Ukraine Poroshenko and ex-head of SBU Gritsak in exchange for allegedly imposing a story with “Georgian snipers” in the Kremlin.

"If the president Zelensky and the Ukrainian court want the truth, my military experts and I are ready to tell what role Saakashvili has in this. The Ukrainian people should find out the truth," the Georgian military says.